(x)clusive!: WANNA ONE Welcome Meeting in Hong Kong – Of Childhood Dreams and First Try At Mooncakes

Wanna One

Photos: Rosie, Ceci
Text: Steph

WANNA ONE held the first day of their two-day fan meeting, WANNA ONE ‘WANNA BE LOVED’ 1st Fan Meeting in Hong Kong, last night at Hall 10 of Asia World-Expo.

Since this is WANNA ONE’s first appearance in Hong Kong, a special ‘WANNA ONE 1st Fan Meeting in Hong Kong Welcome Meeting’ was organised for the press and selected lucky WANNABLEs prior to the show.

During the Welcome Meeting, all 11 members shared their thoughts and feelings with regard to holding their first fan meeting in Hong Kong as a member of WANNA ONE. Leader Yoon Jisung shared that he was grateful for the opportunity to hold a fan meeting and he was really excited to meet Hong Kong WANNABLEs. He also added that the other members of WANNA ONE, himself included, did not know of the additional show initially. As such, the moment they heard the news of the second show, they felt that they should work even harder to pay back for all the love and support that they have been receiving. As for Kang Daniel, he revealed that it was his first time in Hong Kong and he was surprised by the beautiful night view. Ha Seungwoon revealed that this was not his first time visiting the city and how he was looking forward to eating all the delicious food again, such as Dim Sum.

Kang Daniel

As it is Mid-Autumn Festival (more commonly known as ‘Chuseok’ in Korea) today, the members were given the opportunity to celebrate the festive season the Chinese way by trying out some traditional mooncakes. The only foreign member of the group, Lai Kuanlin, shared that this is not his first time eating mooncakes as they are available in his hometown as well. On the other hand, leader Yoon Jisung and Kang Daniel appeared fascinated by the mooncakes and kept sniffing them when the mooncakes were placed in front of them.

Wanna One

The members also shared what their childhood dreams were during the Welcome Meeting. Kang Daniel said his dream was to be the friendly neighbourhood hero ‘Spider-Man’, and Hwang Minhyun mentioned that he originally wanted to be the President of the country. However, even the members of WANNA ONE would agree that Park Jihoon’s childhood dream was the best amongst all. Jihoon revealed in a serious voice that his dream was to be a ‘Prince Charming’ like those in the classic fairytales. All the members could not help but cringe and laugh, whilst fans at the Welcome Meeting started to cheer even louder.

Park Jihoon

WANNA ONE is a project boy group formed by the Top 11 – consisting of Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Lee Daehwi, Kim Jaehwan, Ong Seongwoo, Park Woojin, Lai Kuanlin, Yoon Jisung, Hwang Minhyun, Bae Jinyoung and Ha Sungwoon – of the popular survival show, Produce 101 Season 2. Despite having debuted recently on 7 August 2017, WANNA ONE has been breaking records of highest viewership ratings and barriers with their appearance on other television stations due to their immense popularity. They are undeniably considered as one of the hottest male idol groups in South Korea now.

Park Woojin and Hwang Minhyun

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Hong Kong WANNABLEs, are you ready to spend Mid-Autumn with WANNA ONE tonight? If you can’t get enough of the group, check out what went down at their Fan Meeting in Bangkok and Singapore.

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