(x)clusive!: WANNA ONE Wanna Be Loved by WANNABLEs in Singapore

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Text By: Cheryl Ang | Photos By: IME Group Pte Ltd & YMC Entertainment

WANNA ONE successfully concluded their ‘Wanna Be Loved Fan Meeting in Singapore’ on 22nd September. From Daehwi’s aegyo to Daniel’s sexiness, WANNA ONE definitely showcased all their individual charms they had during the fanmeet.

True to their Produce 101 roots, the final 11 picks by the National Producers opened the fanmeet with Never. WANNABLEs’ fanchants coupled with Jaehwan’s stunning high notes set the mood for the night. Following up, WANNA ONE performed Energetic, the title track to their first mini-album. Due to a recurring thumb injury from Daniel’s b-boying days, the choreography for Energetic was slightly changed back in August. Although we will not get to see Daniel doing those floor moves anytime soon, we definitely loved the new additions like Kuanlin’s charismatic couple-choreography with Daniel during the pre-chorus rap.

WANNA ONE ‘WANNA BE LOVED’ 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore 2

After brief introductions where the members shared their first impressions of Singapore to be clean and beautiful, the fanmeet moved on to the first talk segment of the night – WANNA ONE Time.

With his long legs, Kuanlin showcased his potential to become a model while strutting across the stage in style. Jihoon and Daehwi, the resident aegyo masters, showed their different renditions of aegyo in the form of bunny ears and adorable English respectively. Known for his flawless skin, Sungwoon shared tips on keeping his skin in tip-top condition, like drinking more water, putting sheet masks frequently, and rinsing your face in cold water.

Other than shining on stage with their signature boyband moves, WANNA ONE members also have other hidden talents! Jisung gave his shot at imitating Jaehwan’s and Daehwi’s habits. When asked to showcase his voice imitation talents, some fans started to copy Jisung’s imitation of Pterosaur which tickled the members on stage. Jisung also tried imitating Woojin’s satoori, which was unfortunately given a fail by Woojin, all the while speaking adorably awkwardly in standard Korean.

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Affectionately known to his fans as 황경미화원 hwang-gyeong-mi-hwa-won (a wordplay on the Korean word for cleanliness monitor with his surname) due to his love for keeping things clean and tidy, Minhyun demonstrated how to fold a t-shirt quickly, yet neatly. Jinyoung also performed a short snippet of The Name’s 그녀를 찾아주세요 (Please Find Her), a song that he has been practicing lately. Besides singing, Seongwoo showed off his musicality of musical instruments, by imitating the sound of the haegeum! As a bonus, he mimicked the sounds of haegeum to the  melody of Sunmi’s Gashina.

WANNABLEs were also given some insight into the personalities of WANNA ONE members when Jaehwan revealed that Jisung cries the most while they haven’t witnessed Kuanlin crying before. Before that, images of Jaehwan being touched to tears, while watching a video message from his parents during Produce 101 Season 2, flashing across the screen proved the boy’s pure heart.

As Woojin expressed his desire to become an emcee, the organisers planned a segment where Woojin emceed while Daniel and Sungwoon had a face off for a reaction game.

Showing a more playful side to their stage persona, WANNA ONE continued on with their stages of fan-favourite Wanna Be (My Baby) and 나야 나 (Pick Me).

WANNA ONE ‘WANNA BE LOVED’ 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore 3

In the second talk segment, WANNA ONE School, the members “attended” 2 classes in total – Art class and Physical Education (PE) class. In Art class, the members were told to draw a portrait of the member on their right within 3-minutes. With limited time, the WANNA ONE members surely tried their best to squeeze in the prominent features of their team members. Notable portraits were by Jinyoung and Seongwoo, who drew Jihoon and Daniel respectively. Contrary to Jihoon’s cute image, Jinyoung drew huge eyebags and double chin, coupled with adorable English annotations like “Open mouth” and “No wear”. Daniel was also drawn with his signature bunny teeth, to which he copied the same expression.

Unfortunately for the PE class, participants and activities were chosen at random. Kuanlin and Jihoon did a Fight My Way parody in which Jihoon had to say his lines with aegyo, instantly melting the hearts of WANNABLEs. Daniel and Jisung were given a mission to dance as cute as possible to the music played.

WANNA ONE ‘WANNA BE LOVED’ 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore 6

For the encore, WANNA ONE performed Hands on Me followed by Burn it Up, a track from their first mini-album. As Kuanlin’s birthday falls on the next day on the 23rd September, WANNABLEs helped to throw a surprise birthday celebration for him.

The last item for the night was Always. The stage backdrop transited into a beautiful night blue with the 11 boys complementing like stars shining in the sky. Together with the voices of the WANNABLEs who sang along, WANNA ONE’s first fan meeting in Singapore came to a successful end. Amid fans’ loud cheers, the boys did not forget to send their love to fans, thanking them for their support.

We sure hope to see them make their return to our sunny island again!

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