(x)clusive!: Lee Jong Suk Press Conference in Singapore – Of Wistful Smiles, Shy Demeanour and Few Words


If we were to describe our first impression of Lee Jong Suk, it was undoubtedly ethereal. Looking like a runway model as he strutted into the press conference venue, before we could comprehend the situation, all we could hear was the endless shutter sound of the cameras and flashes filling the room.

Lee Jong Suk was calm, cool and collected – in every sense like a CEO that belonged to the top-tier of food chain – and oozing endless charm when he answered the questions posed.

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The actor mentioned that he likes Singapore as the weather is good (as compared to gloomy and dreary Korea since it is winter now) and thus, he feels good.

Lee Jong Suk felt that this Fan Meeting Tour gave him the opportunity to travel and meet fans all around Asia. If given the chance, he would like to meet fans in countries that were not in this current Fan Meeting schedule.

As this is his maiden visit to our sunny isle, prior to the trip, he asked his company if could stay in Singapore for an additional day or two. However, due to his tight schedule, he could not. That said, I am pretty sure his fans in Singapore will welcome him with open arms should he decide to come to Singapore again, be it for work or for holiday.

As Singapore is a food heaven, he mentioned that his manager recommended him Chilli Crab. As such, he really wanted to try the famed Singaporean dish.

Any guesses on Lee Jong Suk’s favourite Korean food? No prizes for correct answer, though. It is Kimchi Jjim (steamed samgyupsal, kimchi and beancurd).


As a Korean, he confessed that even though he based in Korea, he was not given much chances to tour around the country. If he were to recommend places to go to in Korea, as far as tourist attractions go, he suggested Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Sinsa-dong and the streets of Garosu-gil.

What Lee Jong Suk remembered most when shooting for W – Two Worlds was the hot summer. As he is someone who perspires easily, filming in Summer was a horror as it was difficult for him.

If given the opportunity to design a world of his own, he would like to design one with ancient period as the background and for the main character to have lots of adventure. As for which character he would want to be, as he really likes history and the Three Kingdoms, he wants to be a character that is similar to Lü Bu (呂布).


Despite his busy schedule, on celebrity friends he keeps in touch with, Yoon Sang Hyun and Kim Woo Bin were actors he mentioned. He even shared that Kim Woo Bin and him arranged to have a meal together after his schedules in Singapore,

Many fans marvel at Lee Jong Suk’s skin. The Emcee even joked that even if ants crawl on it, they will all slip down (螞蟻爬上也會滑下), eliciting laughter from the floor. There is no special skincare routine that he follows, but instead, he tends to avoid the sun. I guess that is a legitimate reason as to why he is so fair.

Having collaborated with friends and having a hand in fashion designing, Lee Jong Suk admitted that he has no plans to open his own label. He just felt that it was an interesting experience and should there be opportunities in the future, he will definitely consider. As for now, he just wants to concentrate on his career as an actor.


Lee Jong Suk is currently busy filming his new movie and his character is one that is a villain with no emotions. As this is the first time he is playing such a role, he discussed a lot with senior actors on how to get into the character. Since it is something new, he can’t help but worry about his inability to portray the character well. However, he will keep a positive mindset and hope that all goes well.


With two months to the new year and 2017 fast approaching, Lee Jong Suk explains that he is the kind of guy who lives by the day as we will not know what will happen tomorrow. Thus, he will wait and see what is planned for him in 2017 when the time comes. As for now, he shall live happily everyday.

To his fans that he would be seeing tonight at the fan meeting, he admitted that he is excited to spend an enjoyable night with them.

Though Lee Jong Suk is a man of few words and his answers seemed politically correct and boring (since the questions were filtered beforehand), his shy demeanour and wistful smiles caught our attention (and no doubt our hearts). Raise your hand if he is your ideal type, because is he no doubt ours. Here’s five reasons why Lee Jong Suk is perfect boyfriend material.

For more information of Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting “VARIETY” in Singapore 2016, please refer to HERE.

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