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FEEL GOOD this July as (x)clusive celebrates our 5th Anniversary!

FEEL GOOD this July as (x)clusive celebrates our 5th Anniversary!

This 5th Anniversary, FEEL GOOD with (x)clusive! It is (x)clusive’s 5th Anniversary this 21st July, and our team would like to thank all you readers out there for the immense support over the past five years. It was definitely not easy, but nonetheless, it was indeed an eventful five years, especially with Singapore being a hot … Continue reading


Rookie group A-PRINCE sends a video greeting to (x)clusive!

"I Just Wanna Know..." everything about Alexander! Check out our fun 90-second Q&A with Xander where he reveals his favourite colour, food, KPOP artist and more!

Exclusive Interview with N-TRAIN! (x)clusive met them boys in preparation of their comeback to the Korean music scene, after a long wait! Read full article...

We met Block B in Korea for an exclusive interview - find out more about their hiphop attitude and talents! Read full article...

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