(x)clusive!: 5 reasons why Lee Jong Suk is Perfect Boyfriend material

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No doubt Lee Jong Suk has been chosen as the ideal type by many and fans will definitely agree with us that his acting and charisma is not to be reckoned with! His acting for recent drama W – Two Worlds, which ended its run in September, undoubtedly left a strong impression on many, as he took on the role of a handsome, rich and talented main character of an action comic book series which literally came to life.

His character Kang Chul is an Olympic medalist in shooting, whose sole life purpose is to find the murderer who mysteriously killed his entire family without a trace – until one day he meets Oh Yeon Joo, who seemed to always appear at the right time to save his life, and eventually comes to realise that he is just but part of a story made up by someone out there.

Other than looking as good as he literally stepped out of a comic book, Kang Chul has also raised the bar for all boyfriends in the world. We have collated the top 5 reasons why Lee Jong Suk in W, or Kang Chul, is the perfect boyfriend material of our dreams!

Reason #1: He’s got the full package – looks, talent, money

Kang Chul broke the (comic) world record with a 9.9 score at the Olympics, and is JN Global’s co-president, as well as the owner of broadcasting channel W. A guy with a great future!

Reason #2: He does the sweetest, mushiest things for his girl

How many guys out there would say, here’s a book filled with romantic things to do, pick them out and I’ll do it for you?! And, as old-fashioned as it may be, he doesn’t complain about couple wear. Well, that works when the girlfriend is as good-looking as the boyfriend. #couplegoals?!

*TIP: The picture book is also called “Love Is In Small Things (편안하고 사랑스럽고 그래)” by Puuung.

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Reason #3: Got bullied by your boss? No worries, Kang Chul to the rescue!


“That’s the crazy dog I told you about.” “OK.” *winks* That level of sense of security when you know your boyfriend’s got your back.

Reason #4: He’s irresistibly kissable

One simply cannot not swoon at the epic kissing scenes – from shocking out-of-the-blue kiss to angry kiss to I-hate-you-but-I-love-you kiss – he’s got the skills. Watch and learn boys!

Reason #5: He never gives up – even when life gives up on him

When life gives you not only lemons, but literally squeezes it at your face – do you back down, or tighten your grip on the railing hanging off the Han River and pull yourself up?

This guy’s entire family got killed, he got framed for it and thrown into prison, but he pulled himself together and set up a broadcasting company to look for the killer, only to find out the real killer has ‘shared his looks’ with his girlfriend’s father – it is a series of horrible twists, but he stood up for it all and fought back against the changing variables in his life. Now, who said they are having a bad day?

There are so many more reasons to what makes Kang Chul, or Lee Jong Suk attractive, but we shall leave it to you to enjoy the rest through the drama (sorry for all the spoilers, if you have yet to watch it!). You can watch the full W – Two Worlds drama with subtitles for free on Viu.com, or the Viu app, which is available for all Android and iOS devices.

Stay tuned for our event coverage of Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting “VARIETY” in Singapore!

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2 thoughts on “(x)clusive!: 5 reasons why Lee Jong Suk is Perfect Boyfriend material

  • November 13, 2016 at 12:53 PM

    W is an interesting n the acting moves viewers to tgin excited anticipating ~ jong suk n the casts did it, especially jong sul he managed to look really like anime n the fast talking with so many words ~ he is on his next level if acting loves jing suk so much n for long long long time


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