(x)clusive!: B.A.P Awakes Singapore BABYs at Open Press Conference

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Text By: Madel | Photos by: Linda

B.A.P held their open press conference this evening prior to their B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR SINGAPORE AWAKE!! concert held tomorrow. The six-member group (consisting of Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo) were decked in chic wear and greeted press and fans on site with their bright smiles and ecstatic wave of hands.

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Having made their debut four years ago, when asked with regard to the differences between their rookie days and present time, Youngjae voiced that B.A.P currently create new content with their fans in mind, something they were not able to do in the past.

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As it has been quite some time since the group last visited Singapore, B.A.P revealed that Singapore BABYs were what they missed the most about our little red dot! Daehyun also disclosed that whenever the group travels, they always aim to try local delicacies and learn the countries’ language. When talking about food, they also added that they really enjoyed our very own chili crab (with Youngjae doing crab like actions at the side, which was exceptionally adorable). B.A.P also learned a quick tip of the Singlish tongue, and that is to add a ‘lah‘ at the back of each line (Singaporean fans, you know what we mean!). Quick witted members immediately picked up on that, winning fans over throughout the press conference by repeating “I love you lah!” and earning much cheers from the floor.

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It honestly seems like B.A.P also live for the moment, because when asked for occasions whereby they would say the phrase ‘Feel So Good’, Himchan blurted in English, “Right now!”, which no doubt made lots of Singapore BABYs happy. The members also mentioned how one of the more memorable nicknames they’ve heard is ‘Youngjae-Pabo’, which came about when he first came to Singapore. Then, he thought he lost his passport and even went and re-did the administrative formalities, only to realise his passport was still with him – do you still remember that incident?

Moving onto ideal types, Zelo earned brownie points for saying that all Singapore BABYs are beautiful and he “loves them all”. Meanwhile, Youngjae confessed that he likes girls with pretty eyes.

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In light of the ‘AWAKE’ concert tour theme, our team asked them to do a quick wake up call to their fans. In response, the members passed the baton to Yongguk, which earned squeals from the crowd with his deep husky voice as he gave a succinct but gentle, “Wake up.” Daehyun also stepped up to the challenge for a cuter wake up call, only to break down few seconds into the challenge, but it was still a notable effort!

Playing on their latest title, ‘Feel So Good’ once again, Jongup commented that he feels best when he is watching a movie or sports games with his members. The group was then tasked to say one thing about the member beside them and they had nothing but praises for each other:

Zelo: Jongup is an all-rounded person, and has a very handsome face.
Jongup: Youngjae has attractive eyes that command your attention *cue Youngjae immediately tried to stare into Jongup’s eyes*
Youngjae: Daehyun has all that talent it takes to be an artiste.
Daehyun: (with some extra tips from Himchan himself) Himchan has many charms and is very manly. He also has a great physicque.
Himchan: Yongguk is very sexy.
Yongguk: Zelo is very cute.

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As Daehyun’s birthday is approaching soon, the fans on site sang a quick birthday song. When asked about his wishes and what he wants, the vocalist humbly expressed that nothing is better than being able to spend quality time with BABYs at their concert tomorrow. Fans attending the concert can also look forward to the members’ solo stages.

A short fansign with 40 lucky fans was held and B.A.P wrapped up the press conference with a short photo session, ending with, “Thank you for coming down and see you tomorrow. I love you lah!”

Have you gotten your ticket to the concert? Be sure to meet your favourite boys for a night of fun, and see you there!

A big thank you to the team at Fast Tracks Events for extending the press conference invite.


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