(x)clusive!: Take flight with GOT7 at Fly in Singapore Press Conference

Text By: Madel | Photos By: Linda

Decked in chic casual, GOT7 greeted the overwhelming crowd gathered at City Square Mall Fountain Square, waving and sending finger-hearts to IGOT7s that had been patiently waiting since early this morning. It has been a while since we last heard such thundering cheers, and it almost felt like we were already at the concert venue!

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This being their fourth trip to Singapore, the boys are no strangers to our sunny island. However, as ‘Fly in Singapore’ will be GOT7’s first full-fledged concert here, they could not help but express their excitement with regard to meeting their fans tomorrow. Jackson got the crowd hyped up as he shared that they have prepared a series of surprises and special stages, something that the group could not perform without the participation of their fans. As a warm-up prelude to their concert, Jackson got the crowd screaming as he asked aloud “Will you be coming tomorrow?” in English, receiving an even louder chorus of “YES!” in return.

When asked about what the members do during their free time, it was revealed that JB goes cycling as a way of relieving stress, while member Yugyeom channel his spare time to additional practice. After Jackson took the chance to say that the youngest member tend to practice R&B tunes, Yugyeom then proceeded to showcase a little of his soothing vocals. On the other hand, Junior hits the gym and exercises on his free days, and we couldn’t help but wonder if we would be able to catch a sneak peek of his results tomorrow? (A/N: We mean fitting suits, you all! What were you guys thinking?)


Recently, Bam Bam and Jackson both wowed the fans with their hard work on Real Man, a reality show for artistes to experience the tough training of the Korean military service. On that note, Jackson also expressed his wish to have all seven members on the programme. (A/N: GOT7 special? Yes, please!) When probed further on the most difficult task thus far on the reality show, the two members got into a mini squabble, each claiming that they had to take good care of each other, which only served to showcase their close friendship.

Fans would have known that GOT7 are extremely close with one another, and to that, Junior quipped, “The key to being close is to talk and discuss things together”, sharing that the members have an open communication to maintain their strong bonds.


As the press conference drew to an end, the boys all chirped about wanting to return to Singapore in the near future. Youngjae already wants to return for more concerts, Bam Bam is making plans to visit on his next vacation and Jackson even said he wanted to live here, each earning louder cheers from the previous member.

If you still have not gotten your flight tickets to their concert, do grab them now as this is definitely one concert you do not want to miss. For more information on Fly in Singapore, do refer to our event post here. In addition, if you are still not convinced, here’s seven reasons why you must catch the concert. And to all you IGOT7s (especially those who have just joined this big family), here’s five things you probably didn’t know about GOT7 but absolutely should!

A big thank you to One Production for extending the media invite!



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