[Twitter] 100606 Super Junior’s tweets in Singapore with Samsung Galaxy S

Super Junior was awesomely fun today, even though they were only here in Singapore for less than 24 hours! All members present received a Samsung Galaxy S phone and because of that, those with Twitters were totally spamming before, during and after the media launch cum showcase! Here’s the list of their tweets from Eunhyuk’s being on the way to Singapore to them leaving.

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[Twitter] 100414 Today’s updates! (Donghae + PKL)

Today’s tweet translations!

Donghae posted a tweet to S.K. Jhung (정승구), director of the movie “Searching For the Elephant” or “Penthouse Elephant”.
And 2 hours ago, Park Kyunglim posted photos of her with various celebs, and notably U-Kiss’ Kibum and SHINee’s ONEW. No she’s not Onew’s mum.. xD

And also an update from Hey, Bro’s me2day, with Onew’s signature!

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