(x)clusive!: Lee Je-hoon takes Hoonists on a Vacation in Singapore

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South Korean actor Lee Je-hoon held the Singapore leg of his ‘Vacation’ fanmeet tour at Stephen Riady Auditorium on 25 March. Despite the gloomy weather that afternoon, the fans’ enthusiasm did not diminish one bit and the fanmeet was constantly filled with plenty of excited cheers for the charismatic actor.

Getting to know Lee Je-hoon

The fanmeet started with a talk segment where Lee Je-hoon shared his exercise routine, what he wears at home, and his love for Singapore.

Lee Je-hoon Fanmeet 12

As a self-confessed homebody, he explained that his home outfit changes with the seasons. During spring and autumn, it would be a set of striped pajamas, an additional jacket to keep him warm on top of his usual pajamas set in winter, and really thin clothes (or no clothes at all) during summer. 

On his exercise routine, the actor shared that the exercises that are shown in the first episode of Taxi Driver 2 are the actual ones that he does on a daily basis, before getting up and demonstrating the moves effortlessly. He then proceeded to half-unbutton his top upon the request from the emcee (and slightly revealed his abs), much to the excitement of the audience.

Lee Je-hoon Fanmeet 10

Having openly admitted his love for Singapore, it was not a surprise when he mentioned that his most memorable summer vacation was when he last visited Singapore earlier this year. As a huge fan of walking, he really liked the safety, along with the peace of tranquility when he takes his night walks. He shared that he started around 10 or 11 at night where the shops were all closed and there were little people around before walking around the Marina Bay Sands area and the Helix Bridge back and forth multiple times until 2 to 3 in the early morning. To Lee Je-hoon, that was his precious me-time where he could clear his mind and empty his thoughts.

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As the type to travel freely without a plan in mind, the only decision he usually makes in advance is the country. Everything else is usually spontaneous.

He also makes the effort to free time up to meet his best friends from middle school whenever he can. However, as part of growing up, it is hard to meet often especially when all are at different life stages and priorities do change.

Upcoming Project

Lee Je-hoon Fanmeet 09

The actor teased that he would be showing a different side in his upcoming financial crime project, where he will be all suited up and has to deliver quite a number of his lines in English. The working title of the project was later revealed to be ‘Moral Hazard’ and he will be starring alongside veteran actor Yoo Hae-jin.

Serenading the audience (and indulging them)

The humble actor confessed that he was not a good singer but would try his best as he serenaded his fans with LANY’s ‘Thick And Thin’. He had occasionally showcased his singing abilities on variety shows, but what was endearing was the fact that he always prepares and performs something special during his fanmeets. 

Lee Je-hoon Fanmeet 11

Unbeknownst to many, Lee Je-hoon was actually a member of a hip-hop dance club during his university days and performed at various festivals when he served his military service in the Seoul Metropolitan Special Promotional Unit. Can we perhaps start manifesting him performing a dance track when he embarks on his next fanmeet tour?

The highlight of the afternoon had got to be the trivia quiz where three lucky winners would get a 1-to-1 photo opportunity with the actor himself onstage, complete with a hug. 

Lee Je-hoon Fanmeet 06

The fanmeet also ended with a Hi-Bye session with every single member of the audience. It was evident that he showcased his appreciation to his fans by looking into their eyes and reacted reciprocally with cute finger hearts, cute pouts, and even flying kisses.

Lee Je-hoon did not hold back during this fanmeet as he serenaded his fans, revealed his abs, and even teased with his upcoming project. Right from the start, he constantly engaged the audience, made sure that he had eye-contact with his fans, and was more than happy to share bits and pieces of his everyday life. Talents aside, Lee Je-hoon is basically that cute guy from next door, where his down-to-earth personality shines when you take into account how approachable and thoughtful he is. It is really hard not to fall for his charms and we can’t wait for him to be back in Singapore again!

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