(x)clusive!: Park Eun Bin Press Conference in Singapore – Smiles, Wits, and Endless Charms

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Text By: Wanling | Photos By: Viu

Decked in a black “palm tree print” dress and beige high heels, popular South Korean actress Park Eun Bin met the press at the press conference for her first fan meet <Eun Bin Note: Binkan> in Singapore on 11 November 2022. 

Park Eun Bin was a delight, purposefully choosing to end some of her answers with the popular Singlish filler “lah~”. She even used the term “Shiok” when asked about questions related to her first visit to Singapore, showing her lovable personality and her efforts in better connecting with the Singaporean audience.

On Singapore

Park Eun-bin Press Conference 09

Park Eun Bin shared that she had heard many good things about Singapore and her first impression of the city upon arrival was how it was clean, nice, city-like and environmentally friendly. The witty actress also added “Singapore shiok!” after the on-site translator finished translating her answer, which filled the room with laughter.

Due to the short duration of her Singapore trip, Park Eun Bin shared how excited she was to at least be able to try chili crab after the fanmeet. She also expressed her wish to visit Singapore in future so that she can check out Universal Studios Singapore as well as the highly recommended Singapore Botanical Gardens.

The actress still finds it surreal that she gets to meet her fans from different countries through this fan meeting tour, with the ease of border restrictions, ending off her answer with “I happy lah~” which evoked more laughter at the press conference.

On her recent rise in popularity 

Park Eun-bin Press Conference 03

When asked to share her thoughts on her recent rise in popularity, Park Eun Bin talked about how she hasn’t had any personal time after the popular drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo ended so she doesn’t feel like her daily life has changed yet. However, having now met her fans overseas through this tour, she is starting to feel the rise in her popularity and she feels happy every day to be filled with love from her fans.

She was also surprised by the overseas popularity of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo which exceeded her expectations, even in comparison to the positive reactions in Korea. Since fans from all over the world are able to tune in to the drama through Netflix, everyone shared similar emotions regardless of their backgrounds, which she felt was an extraordinary experience.

When asked what kept her motivated and relaxed in her daily life, the experienced actress, who began her acting career when she was 5, confessed that she actually prefers doing nothing during her free time. She also reiterated that she is energized through work since each drama, character and scene she works on has their own energy, and this motivates her.

On Acting

Park Eun-bin Press Conference 02

When asked about what she considers when picking her roles, Park Eun Bin shared, “Firstly, I ask myself what is the charm of the character. Am I feeling attracted to this character? Next, I wonder how the writer tries to convey the message in the drama, and if my direction aligns with the message behind the drama. Lastly, I would consider the purpose and the goal I want  to achieve from a drama.” 

Instead of trying a role in other genres, the actress shared that she would like to take on a role in a romantic-comedy, expressing her inclination to return to the basics as she has challenged herself with a variety of roles. 

She also shared how her double degree in Psychology and Journalism & Broadcasting has helped her with her acting career. 

The reason I chose psychology as my major is because I always wanted to understand humans better. It also helped me to better understand the human Park Eun Bin, aside from the actress Park Eun Bin.

Future Plans

Park Eun-bin Press Conference 05

Park Eun Bin shared that it’s quite natural for her to not plan ahead since she tends to blame herself if things don’t go according to plan. Nevertheless, the one thing she has in mind for 2023 is to be happy and healthy all the time. 

“Be happy lah~”

Message to fans in Singapore

Park Eun-bin Press Conference 08

Park Eun Bin shared how she has always wanted to visit Singapore since a lot of people have recommended the country. But this trip was extra special for her since she is here not only on tour but also to meet her fans.

Just like what she wanted to tell her younger self, we wish Park Eun Bin all the best in her future endeavours!

“Eun Bin, fighting!”

We would like to thank Viu Singapore for the media invite to Park Eun Bin’s 1st Asia Fan Meeting < Eun-Bin Note: Binkan> in Singapore

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