(x)clusive!: 5 Phrases to Describe Park Eun Bin at ‘Eun-Bin Note: Binkan’ in Singapore

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South Korean actress Park Eun Bin, whose popularity skyrocketed through her recent drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, was in Singapore to meet her fans at her <Eun-Bin Note: BINKAN> fan meeting tour in November. 

The 2-hour long fanmeet felt like an intimate catch up session with a longtime penpal, as the audience was updated on the life of the 30-year-old actress through a series of activities. 

We couldn’t pick our favourite moments from the fanmeet so instead we’ve chosen 5 phrases to describe Park Eun Bin that night! 

#1 – ‘Down-to-Earth’ Park Eun Bin

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Park Eun Bin’s down-to-earth personality shone throughout the fanmeet as she showed her human side to the audience. The experienced actress kept laughing throughout the show and would even occasionally joke with the emcee.

Through the special fan segments “Eun Bin Profile” and “The Eun Bin You Might Not Know Of” prepared by Eun Bin and her team, fans learnt more about the actress through questions about random things such as her beauty secrets, her favourite type of bread, and even the first thing she did on the day of the fan meeting.

#2 – ‘Fan-pabo’ Park Eun Bin

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Park Eun Bin’s love for her fans is undeniable – from the handwritten text in the introduction video for the fan meet to the fan segments prepared, Park Eun Bin is clearly not shy with professing her love and gratitude to her fans. 

After her opening performance, the actress greeted the audience in English and even thanked fans in English, Mandarin, Malay and Korean. She also moved closer to the front of the stage to greet the audience after sharing that she couldn’t see the audience clearly due to the stage fog. 

Park Eun Bin also explained the special meaning behind the title of her fanmeet – the term “BIN” means empty, and the BIN in her name and the “BIN” in “BinKan” shares the same Chinese character 斌 which means “to shine”. Hence, Eun Bin and her team hoped that the fanmeet would be an avenue where the empty space will be filled with brightness.

There were several moments during the fanmeet where the sweet actress walked to the front of the stage to greet fans whose stories were shared during the fanmeet, as well as to congratulate fans who escaped elimination during the “Balance Game” segment.

#3 – ‘Artistic’ Park Eun Bin

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Park Eun Bin plays several musical instruments and even does horseback riding. But did you know that she can also be quite the artist? The  “designer for 15 minutes” drew on empty canvas tote bags on the spot for the lucky fans who won the “Balance Game”. Although the actress was drowning in compliments from the emcee and the “awws and wows” from the audience, Park Eun Bin humbly denied that she had talent in drawing. 

After drawing exceptionally cute rabbits and chicks, the acting genius confessed that she was running out of ideas but accepted the suggestion by her fans to draw a whale for the final design! However she didn’t seem to be drawing it up to her standards and her non-stop commentary while trying to salvage her drawing caused the crowd to burst into laughter and gasps of “so cute!” until she completed her drawing.

We definitely think that she has the potential to pursue a hobby in chibi drawing since no one else can turn a pair of whales into a pair of dolphins…

#4 – ‘Queen of Reaction’ Park Eun Bin

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Here, we would like to send our appreciation to Park Eun Bin’s interpreter for translating Park Eun Bin’s words with the same tone & energy that evening! (A round of applause!) 

It is hard to match Park Eun Bin’s energy. Her seemingly unlimited amount of energy could be felt through her fun, quirky reactions throughout the evening. We absolutely loved her real-time reactions watching videos of herself from the segment “Top 3 Eun Bin Scenes”, “Top 3 Famous Quotes”, and the video prepared by her fans. 

A memorable moment was Park Eun Bin commenting “It’s not okay, you’re not okay!” while watching the parting scene of Chae Song Ah (played by herself) and Park Joon Young (played by actor Kim Min Jae) in the drama “Do You Like Brahms?”

#5 – ‘Event Queen’ Park Eun Bin

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Other than performing her version of “Hello” by Joy, and Choi Sung Won’s “Blue Night Of Jeju Island”, Park Eun Bin also performed her rendition of Baek Ji Young’s “If I” alongside a Singaporean folk song “Singapura, Sunny Island” specially for her audience in Singapore. 

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A big thank you to VIU Singapore for extending the invitation for the fanmeet!


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