5 Hwang In Youp K-dramas to Watch Before His 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore

Hwang in Youp 1st Fan Meeting Tour Singapore - Drama

South Korean actor Hwang In Youp will soon be bringing his ‘2022 Hwang In Youp 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour’ to Singapore. It will be held on 30 July 2022 at Capitol Theatre.

If you’re new to Hwang In Youp, don’t fret and let us introduce you to him real quick. Hwang In Youp is an actor, model, and singer from South Korea whose role as Han Seojun in the popular 2020 K-drama True Beauty propelled him to fame. The 31-year-old has then landed roles in the independent short film Swimming Bird, Netflix’s The Sound of Magic, and more. His acting skills were also acknowledged when Hwang In Youp won the Best Male Rookie Actor in 2021’s Brand Customer Loyalty Award.

In July 2022, Hwang In Youp will begin on his ‘2022 Hwang In Youp 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour’ in South Korea, then proceed to bring his tour to other Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Fortunately for Hwang In Youp’s Singapore fans, a Singapore stop is also announced!

To prepare you for Hwang In Youp’s upcoming 2022 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore, here are five K-dramas you absolutely have to watch to know him better!

#1 – The Tale of Nokdu, KBS (2019)

Hwang in Youp 1st Fan Meeting Tour Singapore - Drama 1

This was Hwang In Youp’s first acting gig on national television where he played Park Dan Ho, a loyal bodyguard who was willing to lay his life down for the prince. Although this was only a supporting role, the actor attracted attention for his portrayal of the stoic character as well as his splendid swordsmanship in the drama. 

You can catch The Tale Of Nokdu on VIU.

#2 – 18 Again, JTBC (2020)

Hwang in Youp 1st Fan Meeting Tour Singapore - Drama 2

In 18 Again, Hwang In Youp plays Gu Ja Sung, a high school bully with a crush. Despite his tough appearance, his character had a painful background as a victim of domestic violence. Watch it to see how Hwang In Youp portrays the duality of this character!  

You can watch 18 Again on VIU and Netflix

#3 – True Beauty, tvN (2020)

Hwang in Youp 1st Fan Meeting Tour Singapore - Drama 3

Hwang In Yeop’s role as Han Seo Jun in the popular youth drama True Beauty was the actor’s first breakthrough acting role as the main lead in a cable drama. Hwang plays the handsome and popular kid on campus with a cold exterior who is actually a warm-hearted softie. Enjoy the bittersweet feeling of second lead syndrome! 

You can catch True Beauty on VIU. 

#4 – The Sound of Magic, Netflix (2022)

Hwang in Youp 1st Fan Meeting Tour Singapore - Drama 4

In The Sound Of Magic, Hwang In Youp plays Na Il Deung, that high school classmate that everyone hates because he has everything – the brains, the looks, the wealthy family background… However, despite having everything, his character struggled with balancing his parents’ expectations and his own ambitions. Did we mention that this is a musical drama? 

You can watch The Sound Of Magic on Netflix.

#5 – Why Her?, SBS (2022)

Hwang in Youp 1st Fan Meeting Tour Singapore - Drama 5

Why Her? Is Hwang In Youp’s latest drama that is currently airing in South Korea. In this mystery romance drama, Hwang plays Gong Chan, a law student who’s in love with his professor and who will do anything to protect her. It’s going to be interesting to see him in this genre! This drama also marks his first role as the main lead in a drama broadcasted on local television. 

Watch Why Her? on VIU.

All caught up with Hwang In Youp’s most noteworthy performances yet? Then get ready to meet him in person this month! Here are his fan meeting details for his Singapore stop:

2022 Hwang In Youp 1st Asia Fan Meeting Tour in Singapore
Date: 30th July 2022, Saturday
Time: 6PM
Venue: Capitol Theatre

Don’t miss your chance to meet the talented and handsome young actor Hwang In Youp in Singapore!


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