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It’s the season of Korean comedies in Singapore theatres! This time, mm2 entertainment is bringing to you Mr Zoo: The Missing VIP, a comedy about a top National Intelligence Service agent who begins to understand animal-speak after injuring his head during a mission. The movie stars veteran actors Lee Sung Min (known for his roles in dramas such as Misaeng), Kim Seo Hyung (a familiar face if you watched the 2019 hit series Sky Castle), Bae Jung Nam (you may know him from the reality series Boarding House in Spain) and Shin Ha Kyun (a familiar face in dramas such as Bad Guys).

Synopsis of Mr Zoo: The Missing VIP

What happens when you’re an animal hater but suddenly find yourself one day being able to communicate with them? Suddenly the animals seem to be speaking YOUR language? Meet Tae Ju (played by Lee Sung Min), a top National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who finds himself on a mission to protect an unlikely VIP, a Chinese panda named Ming Ming who is being targeted by a group of terrorists. While trying to stop Ming Ming from getting kidnapped, Tae Ju gets injured and has a head concussion. When he regains consciousness, he realises that he now has a newfound ability to communicate with animals. With the realisation that the only witness to the kidnapping may be a retired military dog named Ali (voiced by Shin Hakyun), he and Ali team up as unlikely partners to rescue Ming Ming.

Check out the trailer below:

Are you all excited to catch this comedy yet? Here’s your chance to watch it in theatres for free, with a companion. (x)clusive is giving away five pairs of complimentary movie passes to catch Mr Zoo: The Missing VIP in theatres.

How to Win!

All you need to do is to 1) follow (x)clusive on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, 2) follow mm2 entertainment on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, then 3) fill in the form below for a chance to win! The contest ends on 1st March (Sunday), 2359H (Singapore time). Five (5) lucky winners will be picked at random. Winners will be contacted on 2nd March (Tuesday) via email. Do note that multiple entries are not allowed and will automatically be disqualified.

Good luck!

Mr Zoo: The Missing VIP opens in Singapore on 12th March 2020.

Much thanks to the team at mm2 entertainment for the movie passes!

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