[MOVIE REVIEW] Hitman: Agent Jun Starring Kwon Sang Woo

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Catch this movie if you’re in need of some laughter in the theatres! I was initially interested in the movie after reading the plot because it sounded like a fun movie, and then I saw that it was highly-rated by moviegoers so that sealed the deal for me. Expect two hours of action, fun and laughter!

[Please note that there may be spoilers ahead!]

We are first introduced to Jun (played by Kwon Sang Woo) as a child who fantasizes that he’s a superhero who saves his family from being totally crushed by a truck. The sequence was presented in animation form before cutting to real-life, where Jun is seen drawing a comic strip of the animation sequence. We hear his backstory – his parents had in fact perished in that car crash and he’s currently in an orphanage where he’s been fighting the other kids (and winning all his fights). Deok Kyu (played by Jung Joon Ho), a trainer from the National Intelligence Service (NIS) discovers him and pushes him to enroll in the NIS where he endured rigorous training to become an elite intelligence agent, the “Ace” in the team.

But we see that Jun still harbours a dream of becoming an artist, a webtoon artist to be exact. In the middle of a debrief session, he’s seen drawing Deok Kyu as a devil! It’s obvious that he doesn’t give two hoots about intelligence work despite being extremely good at his job. Which is how he manages to plot his way out of the NIS – by faking his own death. During an important mission, after jumping off a helicopter, Jun’s parachute failed to launch and he plunges into the ocean, never to be found.

Fast-forward to 15 years later. Jun is now living as a family man, living his dream as a webtoon artist… albeit not a very successful one. He receives a lot of criticism and hate comments for his webtoons, much to his dismay. Thankfully, his wife is a career woman but it is painfully obvious that money is a constant issue putting a strain on their relationship.

One night, in a drunken stupor, Jun draws a webtoon about his past life as an intelligence agent, after listening to his daughter’s advice to write about something personal. His wife sends the webtoon to the editor to be published, much to Jun’s shock and worry the next morning. The webtoon is a hit but that only means that Jun’s nightmare is beginning. The more he writes about his past life, the more his enemies (and frenemies?) realise that Jun was, in fact, still alive.

Both the NIS and the terrorist group which was targeted by Jun’s squad begin to look for Jun, causing a lot of mayhem. Jun’s editor gets beaten up, his wife and daughter get kidnapped (the former by the terrorist group and the latter by the NIS), and Jun is forced to team up with his ex-trainer and ex-junior to save his family.

Cue all the action-cum-comedy scenes. I generally dislike gore and violence (although I do enjoy a good superhero movie) so it’s always enjoyable to watch action scenes that are meant to be hilarious, to the point of being ridiculous.

All’s well that ends well because the hero, his family and his friends all survive to enjoy a day out in the sun after the whole ordeal. So much fluff, but I like.

I highly recommend watching this movie, especially if you’ve been really stressed out with schoolwork or work life or just life in general. All of us definitely need some laughter and relief right now!

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