Ashfall, the Latest Korean Blockbuster in Cinemas

Ashfall Main Poster

Catch the latest Korean blockbuster in theatres featuring big names Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok, Jeon Hye Jin, and Bae Suzy. Ashfall was released in South Korea last month and held the no. 1 spot at the box office for two weeks, with more than 6 million moviegoers.

Synopsis of Ashfall:

When a volcano on Mount Baekdu suddenly erupts, pandemonium ensues on the Korean peninsula, with more eruptions predicted in the area. To prevent another disaster and further devastation to both sides of the Korean peninsula, Jeon Yoo-kyung (played by Jeon Hye Jin) plans an operation based on a theory by Professor Kang Bong-rae (played by Ma Dong Seok) who has been doing research on Mount Baekdu and its possible eruptions. Jo In-chang (played by Ha Jung Woo), the captain of a special forces team, is put in charge of the operation and contacts Lee Joon-pyeong (played by Lee Byung Hun), who is part of the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces of North Korea, to join the operation. Together, they must put aside their differences to work together and save millions of lives.

Check out the trailer below:

Ashfall was co-produced by the lead actor Ha Jung Woo, and is also Lee Byung Hun‘s first disaster film! Catch the movie to find out why it’s been holding on to the top spot at the local box office in South Korea.

Ashfall officially opens in Singapore on 2nd January 2020.

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