(x)clusive!: Ballad Prince Lee Seung Gi in Singapore for ‘Vagabond Voyage’ Fanmeet

Text By: Samantha | Photos By: IMC Live Global

Last Sunday, multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi held his fan meeting at Singapore EXPO as part of his ‘Vagabond Voyage’ Asia fan meeting series. The South-Korean talent truly lived up to his ‘Ballad Prince’ title with his vocals which filled the concert hall, blowing away everyone, when he opened the show with his hit debut song ‘Because You’re My Woman‘. He received a warm welcome from the Singaporean audience and was even tested on whether he still remembers Singlish terms. Just by uttering “I love you la!” evoked squeals of excitement and love from the crowd.

Playing games with fans

Apart from performing his hit tracks, Lee Seung Gi also promoted his drama ‘Vagabond’ and shared personal pictures and associated memories. He recounted how his fans in Morocco prepared food and drinks for him and his crew, and he felt really touched by the gesture. He reminisced, “There was a location manager onsite who was in charge of the Bourne series starring Matt Damon who asked him who I was as I received such treatment from fans and Matt Damon didn’t! The location manager treated me very nicely and filming was easy.” Seung Gi expressed his heartfelt feelings for that fan support as he did not expect people in Morocco to know him. For those fans to understand the Korean culture built in the storylines of his films and to appreciate him for it made Seung Gi feel extremely grateful.

A heart from Lee Seung Gi!

Despite his nerves, he also showed his flair of being an entertainer and deserving of his Daesang win at the recent 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards. He gave out a copious amount of fan service by shooting hoops on stage, cooking for the fans, and playing games with the fans where they had to mimic his poses. These lucky fans walked away with autographed posters and pictures. Interestingly, one of the fans who won the toast sandwich that he cooked on stage was the same fan who was proposed to by her then fiancé back at the 2012 fan meeting. The joyous reunion of Seung Gi with the couple was a sight to behold.

Lucky fan who won the sandwich with her husband and Lee Seung Gi

Fans in Singapore prepared a surprise video during photo-taking time and Seung Gi was greatly moved. He promised he will be back with more projects and activities and thanked fans for supporting his career all this while. While he was backstage preparing for his final performance, a video message from his friends played on screen showing fellow stars, like IU, EXO’s Sehun, and Produce 48’s group IZ*ONE, showing their support for Lee Seung Gi, expressing their thoughts on how he is such a treasure to the entertainment industry.

Lee Seung Gi giving his final ment

His final performance included tracks ‘Return’, ‘Delete’, ‘SMILE BOY’, and ‘Let’s Go on Vacation’, which made the audience have mixed feelings of regret and happiness as the show drew to a close. At one point, some fans even stood up and partied to the last 2 songs of the show as Lee Seung Gi belted out the tracks and heated the atmosphere in the concert hall. The show ended on a high note and all the fans wished Lee Seung Gi a warm farewell with hopes of seeing him again in the future.

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