Support AlphaBAT to Produce Their Next Album on MAKESTAR


Hey Alphas! Your leader B:eta is seeking for your love and support to produce a new AlphaBAT album with the current 4 members, G:amma, K:appa, L:ambda, and himself, while E:psilon is away for mandatory military service. While waiting for E:psilon to return, this album will be a special gift to the lovely fans who are waiting for the group to be whole again!

Just like the lyrics in their single ‘Fly‘, AlphaBAT wants to spread their wings and fly together with you. The album project has already reached its minimum funding target so you can be rest assured that you will get the perks for whichever set you are ordering!

What are the perks you ask? It ranges depending on the amount you pledge. For just US$8.70, you’ll get a digital thank you video and a morning greeting voice message from your favourite member, while for US$25.90, in addition to the previous perks, you’ll also get a signed album PLUS your name will be listed on the album credits! The more you pledge, the more perks you get.


That’s not all! There are also packages which include a special fan meeting with AlphaBAT (or an invitation for a 1:1 video chat with your favourite member) and a dining event!

Gift yourself a special album from your favourite boys this year-end by supporting this album project which will only be available on MAKESTAR! And maybe even make precious memories with them too in person! Check out the AlphaBAT Album Project page on MAKESTAR for more information about the perks and to pledge your support now!

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