(x)clusive!: Kang Daniel ‘Color On Me’ Press Conference in Singapore


Kang Daniel is in town for his ‘Color On Me’ Fan Meeting in Singapore and he met the media yesterday afternoon at the one and only exclusive press conference for this tour.

At Changi Airport

This is Kang Daniel’s first visit to Singapore after his solo debut. Decked in a full-on black suit, he shared that his condition was really good as he had a good night’s rest despite arriving late the night before, and confessed that he was immensely touched and thankful that many of his fans turned up to receive him at the airport despite the time.

Did you know that Daniel was offered the option of going through the CIP terminal, but he chose to exit via the normal route as he wanted to see his fans? A video of him hi-touching a lucky fan went viral on SNS as well and he actually knows about it.

Music Journey

In a short span of two years, Kang Daniel went from the No. 1 pick on Produce 101 (Season 2), a  successful center of Wanna One, to a record-breaking solo artiste. On his exciting journey the past two years, he vividly reminisces the Wanna One days and fondly remembers the love and support received from his fans, something he didn’t expect prior his debut. And now, he hopes he could reciprocate the neverending support as he transits to his solo journey through the music that he produced and the projects that he takes on.

Having been used to sharing the stage with his Wanna One members, he feels the additional pressure now that he is a solo artiste and needs to fill the whole stage himself. As such, he is grateful for the help and support he received from his dancers. To Daniel, he knows that he still has a long way to go when it comes to filling up this role as a solo artiste, but he is confident and asked his fans to look forward to what he will bring to the table next.


Color On Me

His biggest challenge while preparing his ‘Color On Me’ album was lyrics writing. He knew he could easily get help from a good lyricist, but instead, he rose up to the occasion and wrote his own. What better way to show your own distinct colours than writing your own lyrics with messages he wanted to convey to his fans? And this is what makes his debut album all the more meaningful.

To Daniel, ‘Color On Me’ is not simply a mini album, but a special album to show people his limitless potential and a wider variety of genre and stage performance than before. As such, he is really glad to be able to show his fans sides of Kang Daniel that they do not know yet, colours of Kang Daniel that they’ve never seen before when he was in Wanna One. He simply wanted fans to know that he can do different and varied genres and go “Ah~ Kang Daniel can do these kind of stages and performances as well.” He even teased a little for his next album that he will take on a heavier and darker concept.

Favourite Lyrics

Having written the lyrics for all four tracks on ‘Color On Me’, here is Daniel’s favorite line in each of the four tracks, and the reason why.

For ‘Color’, his favourite line is 다시 나를 찾아가 my color (T/N: Going back to me my color) as it depicts the journey he is going through to find his own colours.

As for ‘What are you up to’, the line 너는 지금 뭐해 (T/N: What are you doing now) suits the song to a tee and really expresses what he wanted to say.

The concept for ‘Horizon’ was inspired while watching Avengers: Endgame, where Thanos was battling the Avengers and he picked 선을 넘어가 네게 (T/N: Beyond the line) as the phrase he likes the most in the song. The Marvel fanboy in him also shared that Spider-Man is his favourite!

And lastly, for ‘I HOPE’, I hope you smile was chosen as to Daniel, he thinks his fans look the best when they smile.


Colours, colours, colours

If Daniel were to attribute a colour for each of his songs on ‘Color On Me’, ‘Intro (Through the night)’ will be pink as the feeling this track gives is passionate, but he thinks that red is too strong and pink will be more suitable.

For ‘Color’, it will be Rainbow as he wants to showcase this amount of ‘colours’ to his fans. Thus, rainbow is the most apt representation.

What are you up to’ is represented with Sky Blue since he feels that the curiosity in this song suits the colour, while ‘Horizon’ and ‘I HOPE’ are given Black and Orange/Yellow respectively.

Daniel also chose the colour black to represent himself. Other than the fact that it is his favourite colour, he also shared that when all the colours come together, they become black – a concept that runs parallel to what he has been trying to bring across via ‘Color On Me’.

If he were to choose a colour for his fans to wear to his fanmeet later tonight, he would choose pink. He wants his fans to be passionate at the fan meeting, but not over the top, so pink seems like the ideal colour as compared to red.

Breaking Records

Kang Daniel’s solo debut album ‘Color On Me’ recorded 466,701 copies sold in its first week, setting a new record for most albums sold in the first week for a solo artiste. When he first got to know about the good news on achieving this remarkable record, his first thought was to thank his fans. He confessed that he hadn’t exactly thought that he would break a record and it was only made possible with the unconditional support from his fans, so he really feels immensely thankful. All he wanted was his fans to feel his sincerity, so when this sincerity translated to amazing results, he was all the more grateful.

When asked on what other records he would like to break next, Daniel responded with “Rather than chasing the breaking of records and all, I want to do something that my fans would like and enjoy.”

Busan Ambassador

As an honorary ambassador for the city of Busan, he suggested Haeundae as it has a great ocean view and tasty food in the area.

He revealed that whenever he heads back to Busan, he likes spending time at home with his family and cats. He also likes to drive around the city in his car, while playing some good music.



This is not Daniel’s first time in Singapore, but rather than food or a specific tourist destination, what he remembers most was the passion of the fans in Singapore when he was last here for a concert with Wanna One, more specifically the enthusiastic screams of love and support when he was on stage. He is thus looking forward to receiving another round of passionate reactions from his fans at the ‘Color On Me’ Fan Meeting in Singapore tonight!

He admitted that he did not have much opportunity to sightsee on his previous trips to Singapore, but will do it this time around. Food-wise, he is open to suggestions and asked fans to leave their recommendations on his SNS.

The host suggested durian as “Daniel is the King of K-pop and Durian is the King of fruits” and even issued Daniel a challenge to try durian at his fan meeting, which he readily accepted! No idea if this will pull through, but if it does, it will be interesting to see Daniel taking a bite of durian later tonight!

It was evident that Daniel prepared a lot for his first solo fan meeting ‘Color On Me’ and we can’t wait to see what he will showcase later!

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