(x)clusive!: Dear, My Universe with Jung Seung Hwan

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Our original intention was to make this a list of ‘Top 5 moments Jung Seung Hwan gave us goosebumps during his Dear, My Universe concert’ but since that was a very frequent occurrence during the entire three hours, we decided to just share what we liked the most from his concert!

With a simple stage setup to put the focus on his beautiful voice, Jung Seung Hwan began the concert with Back View, a track from his latest album, Dear, My Universe, and followed up with Snowman, one of his hit songs from 2018. The audience was easily awed by his amazing vocals, as he effortlessly and flawlessly hit all the high notes. But that was not all! His acoustic rendition of If I Were You absolutely blew everyone away with the strong but emotional tone. If I Were You is an OST from the 2016 Korean drama Again, Oh Haeyoung which remained on the top 100 melon charts for two years and continues to chart in the top 20 chart in karaoke rooms in South Korea!

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Jung shared how he was previously at the Olympic Hall for the Antenna label concert as part of the chorus, while always wondering when he would get his own solo concert at the same venue. This is definitely a dream come true for him, and his fans too, to be sharing this moment with him. If you thought that you were only watching a ballad concert, you’d be pleasantly surprised, as we were! During one of the monologues, instead of the usual warm and cosy atmosphere, Jung completely changed the mood by requesting for spotlights. He then busted a few dance moves and jokingly asked the audience whether he resembled BTS as the group was actually having a fan meeting at the stadium next door at the same time!

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One of the many memorable moments of the concert was when Jung Seung Hwan sang tracks by Park Hyo Shin, Vibe, Sung Si Kyung, and Jung Joon Il, while jokingly imitating their singing styles. Another absolutely enthralling moment was when he sang while strumming his guitar, leading the audience in a sing-along session, which really drew everyone into the mood, and felt like a really intimate and homely concert.

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The concert lasted for three hours with Jung Seung Hwan performing 21 songs, so it was definitely a treat for the fans! Before the concert ended, Jung went to each band member to introduce them to the audience and even made them do dance moves for fan service. It was a really sweet ending to a beautiful concert.

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Dear, My Universe was held over 2 days from June 22nd to June 23rd and was attended by a total of 6,000 fans. The concert sold out in 90 seconds, so be prepared to exercise your fingers to grab tickets if you intend to catch his next concert! PS. We highly recommend attending and experiencing his lovely vocals in person!

A big thank you to Antenna for the concert invite!

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