(x)clusive!: Taeyeon finds Gravity at final ‘s… Concert in Singapore


Girls’ Generation‘s kid-leader (as fans affectionately call her) Taeyeon successfully wrapped up her ‘s… Concert Tour at Singapore EXPO Hall 1 last week.

The songstress belted out a total of 24 songs during the two and a half hour concert, out of which four songs, namely the opening song “Here I Am”, “Love You Like Crazy”, “Do You Love Me?” and “Gravity” were unreleased. Special videos for tracks like “Up & Down” were also revealed during the concert.


Not your usual kind of concert

While there were high expectations from fans and media alike as Taeyeon, who is also the lead singer of Korea’s national girl group, is well known for her strong vocals, her performance that night seemed less than satisfactory.

More than once was she unable to hit a high note, forgetting lyrics, missing beats. It may have seemed to be a disaster for professional music critics who do not know Taeyeon or K-Pop all that well, but it did not make the concert less precious to the fans that attended that night.

Speaking to the fans directly, Taeyeon shed a bit of light on her innermost thoughts, on what was weighing her mind and her hopes for the new year.

“Today is the last stop of the concert, I feel really regretful that after putting in so much of my heart and efforts, it is coming to an end…”


“I do not really like to talk about the past as I don’t like staying in the past. One of the reasons why is… No, I am not going to say the reason.”

Holding back her tears, Taeyeon continued:

“Since there are so many things that are waiting for me in the future, there’s no time to keep looking back. Maybe that’s why I don’t like the past, since it doesn’t come back.”

The unreleased song “Gravity”

Performing her unreleased track “Gravity” to a sea of blue lights, Taeyeon was seen trying to hold back her tears as much as she could. The fan-translated lyrics that was posted online spoke about finding the strength amongst pain and loneliness, hinting at a possible connection with her late close friend, SHINee’s Jonghyun.

“I wanted to make last year a year that I could know more about myself, and I wanted to make this year a year that I could experiment more things. But thinking about it now, I think I want to spend some time to learn how to control myself better, and make a better version of myself that I wish to be. There is no one who wants to become worse; everyone wants to become better, right?

To all the emotions that I’m feeling right now, I want to confront every one of them and make them into my own. Although I’m actually kind of afraid since I feel like I’m kind of on a roller coaster ride, but it is also something I feel I have to overcome.”


Finding her own gravity in the new year

Addressing fans’ concern and worry for her, Taeyeon showed her determination for the new year.

“Why am I saying this is… perhaps there are people who can empathize with me? There are so many people leading so many different lives with many different emotions, right?

I really find it so fascinating and precious that although we all live very different lives, all of you are gathered here because of me. I do feel the responsibility, and thus I promise I’ll work hard to become an even better person from now on.”


It may not have been the best or most consistent performance of hers, but Taeyeon did not fail to deliver the most raw and true version of herself to the fans who have been waiting eagerly for her. Wishing everyone the best of health, she did not forget to show her love by making a heart above her head, and promising everyone that she will be back again with a chirpy “Bye~ Let’s meet again next time!” as she left the stage.

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