(x)clusive!: iKon Stages the Perfect Love Scenario in Singapore

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Photos By: YG Entertainment | Text By: Abigail

Last Sunday (4 Nov), iKON made an impressive comeback in Singapore with their CONTINUE Tour at The Max Pavilion after performing here two years ago.

iKON immediately had the audience jumping in their seats when they started off their concert with ‘BLING BLING’. They kept the mood up with throwback songs ‘SINOSIJAK’ and ‘RHYTHM TA’ which had the fans, iKONics, singing along and doing the fan-chants loudly.

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After iKON greeted iKONics and reminded them to stay safe to enjoy the concert to the fullest, Jinhwan (Jay) said, “Singapore is my city. Singapore is fresh and clean, like me.” This had iKONics cheering for him.

iKON continued the concert with ‘COCKTAIL’ on the beach that they brought to the stage. They followed up with ‘ONLY YOU’ which had the fans waving their lightsticks, KONBAT, to the groovy beats of the upbeat tune.

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While the other members prepared for their next stage, B.I. and Bobby kept iKONics entertained by chatting with them. They talked about the things they’ve done in the time they have spent in Singapore so far. B.I. did not do much and stayed in his room the whole time, ordering steak and Nasi Goreng through room service when he got hungry. As the members were taking a longer time to get ready, B.I. and Bobby had their own aegyo battle.

After concluding that both B.I. and Bobby were equally cute, the concert continued with a sentimental performance of ‘PERFECT’ by Jinhwan (Jay), Yunhyeong (Song), Donghyuk (DK), Junhoe (Ju-ne), and Chanwoo. It was followed by solo stages of ‘TENDAE’ and ‘ONE AND ONLY’ by Bobby and B.I. respectively. The two rappers of iKON, also known by fans as Double B, then performed ‘ANTHEM’ which had the crowd pumped again.

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The other five members returned to stage and iKON kept the atmosphere lighthearted by hyping the audience with ‘B-DAY’ followed by ‘MY TYPE’, and ‘RUBBER BAND’. The boys then performed ‘BESTFRIEND’ in pairs, Jinhwan (Jay) with Junhoe (Ju-ne) because they’re drinking buddies, Yunhyeong (Song) with Donghyuk (DK) because they have great chemistry, and B.I. with Chanwoo—the leader and the youngest, Bobby, appeared in a grey wolf onesie and danced to the song alone. The boys then regrouped to perform ‘EVERYTHING’.

During a small intermission between stages, iKON talked about the things they did over their short holiday. B.I., Yunhyeong (Song), and Chanwoo went to Jeju-Do. B.I. even got a cute watch from Jeju-Do and when asked by his members why he did not gift the watch to his younger sister, Hanbyul, B.I. said, “No, it’s mine!” We’re sure he will gift the watch to Hanbyul if she asks for it though! #brotherlylove

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The boys had the whole audience singing along to their next hit song, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’. iKON brought the arena to a new high as they performed their next song ‘GOODBYE ROAD’. After reminding iKONics to cheer as loud as they could to bring them back out for the encore stage, the boys performed their latest hits, ‘KILLING ME’ and ‘FREEDOM’ to the audiences’ frenzied cheers.

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iKON returned to the stage with their fan-song ‘JUST FOR YOU’ for their encore stage amidst iKONics’ boisterous cheers. They then sang to ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ again with iKONics. As they read the fan banners that iKONics were holding up, Jinhwan (Jay) said, “We will protect you instead.” While B.I. playfully told iKONics, “No, please protect me!”, he also confirmed that they had new songs coming out later this year.

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iKON then turned the arena into a big party as they had all iKONics stand up from the seats and jump along with them as they sang ‘DON’T LET ME KNOW’ and ‘DUMB & DUMBER’. As iKONics were having the time of their life, iKON decided to perform one last song as a special encore stage to Singaporean iKONics. The whole arena jumped to ‘B-DAY’ which brought the concert to an end on a high.

We look forward to iKON’s new songs that will be coming out soon as well as welcoming iKON back to Singapore!

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