(x)clusive!: A Chat with SEVENTEEN on ‘You Make My Day’ & Concert Tour

CARATs! Are you ready with your Carat bong light sticks and fan chants to welcome the boys of SEVENTEEN at their ‘IDEAL CUT’ concert in Singapore? As we gear up for SEVENTEEN’s concert this Friday, we had a brief chat with the boys through email about their latest album release and concert tour.

…about You Make My Day album

SEVENTEEN recently made their comeback in July with their fifth mini album ‘You Make My Day‘, featuring the title track ‘Oh My!‘. As with many of SEVENTEEN’s tracks, the members participated in the song production – member Woozi took part in creating the melody, and together with  S.Coups and Vernon, they helped to pen the lyrics to this summer dance-pop track. When asked which was their favourite track in the album, it was no wonder that Vernon chose ‘Oh My!

As for the concept behind this album, Woozi explained, “The concept of our album (You Make My Day) is freshness. We wanted the songs to be bright.” Together with ‘Oh My!‘, the album also includes five other songs, namely ‘Holiday‘, ‘Come to Me‘, ‘What’s Good‘, ‘Moonwalker‘, and ‘Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day‘. Do check out their album if you haven’t already done so!

…about IDEAL CUT Concert Tour

Kicking off their ‘IDEAL CUT’ concert tour after their album release in July, the boys are currently busy meeting their fans on their world tour. When asked how they came up with the name for their concert tour, Mingyu shared that ‘IDEAL CUT’ meant their ‘ideal moment’. All the members thus agreed on using ‘IDEAL CUT’ for their tour name as they wanted to enjoy the stage together with their fans. To SEVENTEEN, the time spent on stage together with CARATs is their ‘IDEAL CUT’!


So are you ready to enjoy the ‘IDEAL CUT’ concert in Singapore with SEVENTEEN? If you have not gotten your tickets to the show yet, check out more information on the concert here, and stay tuned as (x)clusive will be bringing you LIVE updates on our Twitter as well!

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