(x)clusive!: Spending a Starry Night with Hwang Chiyeul


Hwang Chiyeul, who is best known for his appearances on Hunan TV’s ‘I am a Singer (Season 4)’, was in Singapore for his ‘Starry Night 2018’ concert.

A vocal trainer himself, Hwang Chiyeul performed a string of his popular hits in both Korean and Mandarin. The star began by serenading the 4000-strong audience with ballads and mid-tempo numbers, including ‘A Daily Song’, ‘We Did Our Best (我們盡力了)’, ‘Star (星星)’, ‘Angel’, and ‘Look At You’. ‘Brave Train (勇敢列車)’, composed by local music veteran Lee Shih Shiong (李偲菘), is an interesting combination of Xinyao flavour and contemporary interpretation, delivered to perfection by Hwang Chiyeul’s powerful vocals.


There was also a number of OSTs punctuating the setlist. Korean drama fans would be familiar with tracks ‘You Are My Everything’ and ‘Because I Miss You’ from Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, respectively.


Shattered Dream (夢已落地)’, a Chinese-styled number (lyrics penned by Vincent Fang (方文山)), made quite an impression. Hwang Chiyeul’s unique singing style set the song apart from typical songs of the same genre. The high notes at the end were also executed well, making the track a pure joy to listen to.


The singer also kept the atmosphere fun and light-hearted with multiple ments throughout the night. Fan services were also dished out generously for fans through light teasing, endless cheesy dialogues, and the flaunting of his abs. Bonus brownie points for putting in effort in multiple attempts to relay his thoughts and emotions in Mandarin.


The closing acts were his performances on ‘I am a Singer (Season 4)’ – ‘Honey, Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘I Love You Forever (對你愛不完), Green Apple Paradise (青蘋果樂園)’. Hwang Chiyeul had mentioned at the beginning of the concert that the night would end with a bang and it sure did. He made his way down the right the stage and to the end of the first level for interaction with the crowd during the encore and last song, resulting in a mini mob by his passionate fans.


The concert was set out to be unlike typical K-pop idol ones where stage production and theatrics are key. Instead, it checked both the boxes for impressive vocals and relaxed fanmeeting kind of atmosphere.

A big thank you to Angelia Advertisement for extending the concert invite.

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