(x)clusive!: All Eyes on GOT7 as The Septet Returns to Singapore for ‘Eyes on You’

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GOT7 finally brings their ‘Eyes on You’ tour to Singapore after much anticipation by the local fans. Their first concert here, ‘Fly in Singapore’ is a little more than two years ago in June 2016, and it has been quite a while since Singapore Ahgases last saw them, as the last time they were here for an event was their ‘Flight Log: TURBULENCE’ fanmeeting in December 2016.

The seven-member group, made up of leader JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom, have once again put up a successful show in Singapore, to the delight of the 4,000-strong crowd, which cheered from the beginning to the end of the almost three-hour concert! The energy was high throughout the night and it’s easy to see why: GOT7 are natural performers.

These are the 7 reasons to have your eyes on GOT7 in Singapore the past week:

1. They’re Finally Back in Singapore

As mentioned previously, it’s been a rather long time since they’ve visited Singapore, and the members definitely regret how long it’s taken for them to be back as well, as they brought up the topic of it being almost two years more than once during the concert. Besides seeing the fans, they are also really happy to have chilli and pepper crab again during this trip! So, food + fans, that’s enough reason for GOT7 to come back again soon, isn’t it?

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2. From Debut Era Songs to their Latest Hits

Who can forget GOT7’s iconic debut track, Girls Girls Girls? They didn’t miss this track out in the setlist for the concert, and it’s just amazing when you think about their journey from then till now. Of course, there’s Stop Stop It too, another one of their debut era songs. BamBam asked the fans if they were here for the first concert in 2016, but surprisingly this seemed to be the first concert for a lot of them, which is probably why their latest tracks such as Never Ever, You Are, and Look garnered even louder cheers.

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3. Cool VCR Segments that Told a Story

Besides the usual concert VCR segments that feature visually appealing shots of the idols looking suave and absolutely gorgeous, which, Eyes on You also has, the VCR segments that really stood out are the ones of the animated cartoon that tells a story of the relationship of a girl and a boy as they go through various stages from it, beginning from an almost break-up. These scenes fit in seamlessly into their setlist as well, as GOT7 would perform a corresponding song for each part with the stage set up differently to match.

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4. Being Close to the Fans

Having an extended stage for the concert means GOT7 can be closer to the fans. And they truly maximized the usage of this extended stage as almost half of the songs were performed there. GOT7 really weren’t kidding when they said they really missed their fans so much! It’s always great to see idols and fans appreciating each other, and GOT7 genuinely wanted to give the most to theirs.

During the encore stage, the members even took fans’ phones to take selcas with, and took gifts from the fans. At some point, Jinyoung was wearing a Groot mask, BamBam had a Peppa Pig bag, and all of them were throwing their towels to the fans too.

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5. Showing their Sincerity

Despite the fact that not all seven members of the group are fluent in English, they tried their best to connect with Ahgases by speaking a language the audience here knows. BamBam’s grasp of English has improved a lot, and he actually took charge for most of the MENT segments. It was really fun too, because he definitely knew how to get all the fans excited! Even their leader JB put in a lot of effort and made his entire thank you speech in English, which is a feat. Pretty sure all the fans were touched by this!

6. Fun MENT Parts that Stole the Show

One of the funniest parts has to be the starting MENT segment, which was after the first three songs – Hard Carry, Skyway, and Out. Yugyeom had disappeared, but the starting MENT for most concerts aren’t usually very long, and GOT7 did not expect this either, so BamBam was left asking what they should talk about while desperately hoping for Yugyeom to return soon. It’s cute, and they kept teasing the fans as well before finally revealing that Yugyeom ripped his pants and had to change into new ones.

During the second MENT segment, Jinyoung briefly disappeared as well, so the other members joked if he also ripped his pants. As we all know, videos and photos aren’t allowed at most concerts, so this isn’t an exception, which led to a bit of an uh-oh moment when BamBam said the song they were performing next is a sexy song and told fans to get their cameras ready to record some videos! He quickly followed up by reminding the fans they’re not allowed to record anything after some laughter.

Other fun quotable quotes by the GOT7 members (or actually just BamBam because he’s definitely the highlight of all the MENT segments):

BamBam: Guys, today I’m drunk. Drunk in love!

BamBam: Today I kind of hit my legs. Because I fell for you.

BamBam: Hopefully, we’ll come back with better music, better concert… Better looking?

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7. Singapore Ahgases’ Gift for GOT7

Towards the end of the concert, a video showing GOT7’s journey through the years was played on the screen, and the members all watched it with smiles. It’s an emotional but heart-warming video made by Singapore Ahgases, and the video was followed up with a banner event. The banner held up by all the fans say “We’ll trust you and follow you”, which is the theme of the video as well, and all seven members were visibly touched.

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The concert ended with Fly and Go Higher, and there isn’t a more appropriate way to round off the concert than with these songs. GOT7 will keep flying and going higher, and Ahgases will be with them every step of the way. Till the next time GOT7 returns to our sunny shores again! Which they hope won’t take another two years, but Ahgases, as BamBam also said, “If you stay ready, then you don’t need to get ready.” We’re definitely always ready for GOT7!

A big thank you to One Production for extending the concert invite.

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