(x)clusive!: Wanna One + Wannables = 1 at One: The World in Singapore

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One: The World is a fitting title for Wanna One’s world tour that began in Seoul in June, and has seen them visiting North America, Japan, and they will be making the tour stops through Asia as well as Australia. The concept for this concert is indeed the union of Wanna One and Wannables (Wanna One’s fanclub name), as their many VCRs during the concert have emphasised. The 11-member group is made up of leader Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwu, Kim Jaehwan, Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Park Woojin, Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi, and Lai Kuanlin.

For their first ever world tour, Wanna One really impressed. They may have risen to explosive stardom less than a year ago since their debut, but all the members of the group have proven they do have what it takes to be worthy of their fans’ love. Without further ado, here are the highlights of the One: The World concert in Singapore on the 13th July, 2018, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

11 Things To Take Away from One: The World in Singapore

1. Wanna One + Wannables = One

Wanna One has been constantly putting out concepts that equate the 11 members to one, and now with the world tour, they are able to meet their fans from all around the world, and the concert is where they will be one with the fans. This is their first full-fledged concert in Singapore, as Jisung also says during their first ment, and the reception is extremely passionate. One of the most fun parts of this concept of being one is the last VCR featuring Jisung, Daehwi, and Woojin, in which they are in a secret laboratory and cooking up recipes of love and passion, inviting the fans to scream along before proceeding into the next phase of the concert.

2. Their Main Vocalists are also Great Dancers

Some of the highlights of the concert are definitely the solo performances by each of the members. Amongst these, Minhyun has chosen to do a dance solo instead of showcasing his breathtaking vocals, proving that he can do anything. The peak of his performance is when Minhyun dances while blindfolded, and fans collectively held their breaths as they watched his graceful and sensual moves.

Sungwoon also chose to dance, to the upbeat tune of Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore, and he brings a different charm to the stage with his performance that begins slow and fluid before transitioning into powerful moves. His dancing is definitely as versatile as his singing, too.


3. They Care A Lot about Wannables

As Wanna One’s leader, Jisung has taken it upon himself to ensure that Wannables are getting the most out of the concert, while taking care of themselves too. For the first ment of the night, his first words were to the fans in the standing pens, telling them to move back for their own safety. He even added “Please~ Thank you~” in English cutely at the end. After moving out to the extended stage to greet the rest of the fans, he also reminded them to be careful and that safety is most important. Aww, Jisung’s just too sweet!

Wanna One also wants to give their all to the fans, and many of their performances feature them spread out across the main and extended stages, and the runway, to get as close to the fans as possible.

4. The Aesthetically Stunning VCRs

The concert uses many VCRs as transitions, and all of them are beautiful. Between the unit VCRs leading into unit performances, or just VCRs of them looking handsome, Wannables were soaking it all up. One particular one that stood out is the VCR featuring Jinyoung, Seongwu, Daniel, and Sungwoon, who all appeared to be searching for something. They eventually end up at a door, and once they emerged from the other side, the landscape is vastly different—it’s a little quiet and serene, but it feels almost like a kind of paradise, while the narration repeats, “Our dream will come true; I can see you in my dreams”. Indeed, Wanna One’s dream has come true, and their best dreams are those where many, many Wannables are supporting them and loving them.

5. No. 1

Jihoon, Jinyoung, and Kuanlin have come together to form the unit called No. 1. Eleven, their track produced by Dynamic Duo, is a sleek and sensual performance perhaps unexpected by the younger members of the group, but they pulled it off coolly and effortlessly.


6. Lean On Me

Lean on Me is a unit made up of Jisung, Sungwoon, and Minhyun. Their track, Forever and A Day, is produced by NELL, and it allowed the three vocalists to showcase their unique voice colours without any frivolous sounds.

7. The Heal

The Heal is made up of Seongwu and Daehwi, and their stage begins with Daehwi on the piano with an accompanying montage of Daehwi’s growth with Wanna One, then Seongwu takes the spotlight with an emotional dance solo while his montage plays in the background. It’s a very touching moment, as the montages bring the fans through the journey they’ve all gone through together to reach this point. Produced by Heize, and with Seongwu and Daehwi both taking part in the lyrics, The Heal’s Sandglass tells this exact story. Just as their lyrics go, time may run out and it can’t be turned back, but it’s okay because the memories Wanna One has made together with Wannables will always be with them and by their side.

8. Triple Position

Jaehwan, Daniel, and Woojin are the members that make up the unit, Triple Position, and Kangaroo, their track produced by Zico, is a fun and vibrant song, and is perhaps the only one of the unit songs to be more uptempo. With the three members dressed in cutesy outfits— Daniel in a huge hoodie, Jaehwan with striking yellow shades, Woojin in loud stripes—their stage was really exuding refreshing and playful vibes!


9. Their Solo Dance Stages are Everything

Members who did solo dance stages, besides Minhyun, Sungwoon, and Seongwu’s during The Heal unit performance, are Jinyoung, Daniel, Kuanlin, and Jihoon and Woojin.

Jisung put on a fun DJ performance, for which Daniel, Jihoon, and Jaehwan appeared on the stage for some dance features. Daniel did a bit of breaking there, to the fans’ delight.

Daniel’s solo dance break was a lead-in from their Beautiful stage. The rain effect in the background adds to the allure and melancholic emotions of the song, and coupled with Daniel’s sleek dancing, fans were absolutely spellbound. It also drew screams once the fans realised Daniel’s shirt is unbuttoned to reveal his chocolate abs.

10. Their Live Performance is Impressive

It’s not easy to put up a concert of two to three hours, but Wanna One has been consistently giving their all in each concert. With only a few days in between concerts in different venues, you really have to give it to them for constantly doing the most. Some artistes take a while to reach their full potential when it comes to live performances, but with Wanna One, they don’t have the luxury of taking their time. They’ve been nailing their live performances since the beginning, and this full concert just proves it even more.

Another worthy note of live performances, is Jaehwan’s solo, which showcases his bare voice with the slightest music accompaniment. And it’s so powerful that the whole stadium is captivated, only cheering explosively once his performance has ended.


11. The Fun Ments

While the concert did not have too many ment breaks, they made the few count. The noteworthy section of the ment would be the part when Daniel took the lead and they started doing reaction shots for scenes such as, what would they do if their girlfriend was angry, what was their reaction when they ate chilli crab, and how they would feel after having a cool drink in this hot weather.

One particularly funny reaction was by Jisung, who was acting out his reaction to his girlfriend being angry, to which he bowed very politely and appeared to say “joesonghamnida (죄송합니다)” (formal way of apologizing), but he was actually making a pun with his name because what he really said was “jisunghamnida (지성합니다)” (I am Jisung/I’m being Jisung) after a suggestion by Jaehwan! However, the sad outcome was that the rest of the Wanna One members rejected it, and they made him redo it in a cute way instead.

It seems like Daniel has also learnt quite a bit from Singapore’s Wannables during his V Live session the day before the show, because he also taught the other members phrases such as “So shiok!” and “Damn nice!”, which works best if you say it with a Singaporean accent. Jihoon tries to do the “So shiok!” in a cool manner, but it’s also rejected by the rest of them who insisted he do it cutely as well. When Jinyoung does it super adorably, all of his hyungs (older brothers) collectively coo at him. They’re really the sweetest!

Of course, their reaction to chilli crab is the highly anticipated moment. Minhyun, the chilli crab enthusiast, is being asked to do it, and Woojin offers his hand for Minhyun to act with it as the chilli crab. From Minhyun’s passionate enunciation of “damn nice”, it’s quite obvious he really loves it a lot! Well then, remember to come back often to eat it again, Minhyun! Woojin shows his reaction next, and he literally just chews on Minhyun’s hand for the longest time. Sungwoon is another chilli crab fan, as the rest of the members divulge that he ate it so happily until he got the sauce all over his shirt. Demonstrating his reaction, Sungwoon just pretends he’s eating too enthusiastically that he can’t really speak.

BONUS: 11+1 = 1

12. There’s So Much Energy It’s Burning Up in the Stadium!

Wanna One’s popular title tracks are not to be missed at this world tour, and they performed their hits such as Energetic and It’s Me (Pick Me) to thunderous cheers and all of the fans singing their hearts out along with them. Songs like Burn It Up and Boomerang, also featured on the setlist, showed off their versatility, and Wanna One also expressed how thankful they were when Wannables sang Always together with them. As Daniel said, Wannables’ cheers and voices when they were singing Always are the most beautiful sounds he has ever heard.


Regardless of what the future holds for everyone, just as Jinyoung had said during the ending ment, “Don’t forget we’re always by your side. Let’s stick together for the rest of our lives.”

All in all, for a first world tour concert, One: The World is really a great effort by Wanna One, who managed to showcase all their talents while connecting with Wannables.

So these are the 11 things you should know about One: The World in Singapore! Thank you ONE Production for extending the invite.

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