(x)clusive!: A Beautiful Summer Day with H:CONNECT Spokesperson YOONA


As the global brand spokesperson for fashion label, H:CONNECT, YOONA was in town last weekend to promote the brand’s latest Summer collection!

An intimate press conference was held at the H:CONNECT outlet located in Bugis Junction. Dressed in a casual black dress that stops mid-shin, YOONA looks every bit like a goddess, despite the simple outfit.


It Has Been Five Years

The last time YOONA was in town was five years ago, when she performed as a member of  Girls’ Generation for their 2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace – in Singapore concert. When asked what she missed the most, she replied with confidence that it was her fans as thinking about them gives her energy. She also remembers Singapore as a very clean country, so every visit here makes her feel recharged and energized. YOONA also shared that she missed her favourite chilli crab, and she also added that she has taken a liking to pepper crab recently!


Of T-Shirt and Jeans

T-shirts, jeans, and dresses are YOONA’s basic wardrobe necessities as she feels that you can create endless possibilities by mixing and matching these three items. She shared that even though it is important to dress according to the occasion – be it a formal event, casual day out, or to the airport – her priority is always on comfort. Taking for example her appearance on the reality programme ‘Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast’, as she has to work, she prioritized comfort but cleverly added a splash of vibrant colours to her chosen outfits since the filming took place in early spring.


And for those who are curious, contrary to popular belief, YOONA does not have a separate ‘Instagram Wardrobe’. Instead, what you see on the popular Social Networking Site is what YOONA wears on a daily basis and when she goes for her schedules.

And yes, YOONA’s love for T-shirts and denim jeans is real! She admitted that she likes this combination the best as these are basic items that are easy to match for various occasions.


YOONA’s Style

Knowing what suits you the best is the most important thing to consider should you attempt to style yourself. Like everyone, she thinks through what to wear the night before. Considering how she will be caught on pictures by fans or the public when she goes out these days, she thus takes extra time and effort when it comes to deciding her outfit as she wants to show her best side. However, she confessed that she will be dressed more casually if it’s just a trip near her house.


Summer Recommendation

When asked to recommend what to wear this summer, YOONA suggests females to wear T-shirts with pretty prints, along with a skirt and for males, to wear basic-style T-shirts (those without big prints/patterns) as YOONA thinks that guys in slacks and a simple T-shirt look the best as it gives off the neat and tidy vibe.

YOONA’s ‘IT item’ this summer is a sun hat as hats with a wide width helps protect her face from UV-rays. Plus, hats can be a versatile fashion accessory as well to complement your outfit.


Growing Up Together with Fans

On which sides of herself she would like her fans to remember when they think of her, YOONA thoughtfully shared that rather than being remembered for something specific, she wants fans to remember the journey that they walked through together since her debut till present, and to cherish every moment spent and milestone forged while growing up together.


Of Fluent Mandarin

Having participated in Chinese mega project drama ‘God of War Zhao Yun’ which garnered an impressive ten billion online views and even completing a fan meeting with little translation needed, YOONA showcased her fluency in Mandarin on how happy she is to be back in Singapore after five years and should the opportunity arises, to come back more often in the future. (And yes, our wish is granted as YOONA will be coming back to our little red dot this September for her first official fanmeet ‘So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in Singapore’!)


As H:CONNECT’s Global Brand Spokesperson

As H:CONNECT’s global brand spokesperson, YOONA thinks that the fashion label has a wide range of clothes, from casual to stylish, that fits the youngsters these days.

Three lucky fans were given the opportunity to be styled by YOONA at the meet and greet session that happened after the press conference. The best part of it all, they scored a picture with YOONA and get to bring the set of clothes (that was chosen by the star) home!


There was also a mini fansign session for fifty fans. Were you one of the lucky ones with the opportunity to receive an autograph from YOONA?


The meet and greet session ended with a special event for YOONA. She appeared to be really surprised when she saw the sea of pink balloons!


Even though she has been in the industry for more than ten years, she still gives off a fresh and innocent charm, sweeping those present off their feets with shy smiles and cute waves.


Already missing YOONA? Then don’t miss the chance to catch her when she comes back to our little isle this September for her first official fanmeet ‘So Wonderful Day #Story_1 in Singapore’!


A big thank you to H:CONNECT Singapore for the event invite!


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