(x)clusive!: TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park Press Conference in Singapore


Back in Singapore to perform for the second time, TWICE shared their thoughts on receiving twice the amount of love, their must-bring item when travelling overseas, and what their favourite songs are, when they met the media the day before their concert!

Looking splendid in their dazzling rhinestone floral-print outfits – garments that are absolutely befitting of spring – the members of TWICE looked effortlessly attractive as they posed for the media.


Having attracted a solid crowd of 5,000 to The Star Theatre at their first concert ‘TWICELAND – The Opening – in Singapore’, TWICE is doubling the numbers for ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park in Singapore’ as it will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium, a venue twice as large. To Nayeon, it is an honour to be given the opportunity to perform at a bigger venue so she felt really grateful. As for Jihyo, she expressed her excitement at meeting twice the number of fans this time around and is really looking forward to the concert.


Tzuyu shared that she liked performing to “Only You (Only 너)” as she adores how ONCEs (an affectionate term for fans of TWICE) would sing along with them. Dahyun then added that her favourite moment is the opening stage as she will always get goosebumps at the fervent cheering of their fans.


If TWICE could design their own fantasy park, Sana would very much like to include the roller coaster as she is an avid fan of those exciting rides. She even gave an open invitation to ONCEs who would like to join her.


As this is not TWICE’s first visit to our sunny island, Momo shared her happiness when the girls had chilli crab and black pepper crab on the night they arrived. Sana added that she really liked the fried mantou that comes with it and would like to have a taste of it again before they head back to Seoul.


On becoming the first foreign female act to have a single album certified double platinum in Japan, Jihyo mentioned that this remarkable achievement was only made possible due to the success of their hit track “TT”, resulting in them receiving positive reception when they first debuted in Japan.


Curious about the members’ must-bring items when they travel overseas for schedules? For Jihyo, as she is into photography, her must-bring item is her camera. Jungyeon shared that her ears always feel uncomfortable when she takes the plane, so her headphones are a must. Chaeyoung confessed that she carries a really big comb everywhere she goes as she like brushing her hair and Tzuyu’s interesting choice of item is a bath bomb.


As for Dahyun, she revealed that her must-bring items include mask packs and aloe vera cream since she usually have to put on make-up for long periods of time, thus placing extra attention to her skincare items. Mina brings her tablet along with her so that she can catch a movie while waiting, while Momo packs snacks in her bag in case she gets hungry. As Nayeon can’t sleep even unless it is total darkness, eye masks are must-bring item for her.


TT” is Momo’s favourite TWICE song as she felt that this was the song that made the group hit the jackpot. In addition, she likes how the song has a simple yet catchy choreography that fans can follow easily and dance along with. As for Dahyun, she chose their debut track “Like Ooh-Ahh”.

Interestingly, Tzuyu suggested “You in My Heart (널 내게 담아)” as a song she will recommend fans who are learning Korean. She explained that the lyrics are beautiful and it will be nice if they can understand the meaning of the lyrics while picking up the language. Jihyo, being the practical one, chose “What is Love?” as the lyrics include words that are commonly used, such as ‘movie’, ‘drama’, and ‘love’, which makes learning a new language easier and faster.


As Singapore is the first Southeast Asia stop of this tour, ONCEs in Singapore are definitely in for a treat as the show promises not only a fantastic stage production, but also an impressive stage setup, spectacular visual effects, and stellar sound effects. Are you ready to enjoy an evening of fun at TWICE’s Fantasy Park?

A big thank you to ONE Production for extending the press conference invite.

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