(x)clusive!: Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore with Sandara Park, Chantalle Ng, and Tay Ying


tvN Asia is back with another brand-new original production, ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’! Adapting the winning format of popular Korean beauty programme, ‘Get It Beauty’, ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ will be blending in local influences and bringing the traditional studio show to sunny Singapore, whilst exploring K-beauty products.

To make things a little exciting, K-pop fashion and beauty icon, Sandara Park (also known as Dara), will be the host of the programme, alongside local celebrities Chantalle Ng and Tay Ying as her co-hosts.

Having recently concluded the filming for ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’, the trio shared a little of their beauty adventure in Singapore, as well as revealed some of their beauty secrets at the press conference.


This was not Dara’s first trip to our little red dot. Having visited Singapore multiple times when she was still actively promoting as a member of 2NE1, Dara shared her love for the city, especially the enthusiasm of her passionate fans and the amazing local food. She was also glad to find time to visit Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Flyer, and Clarke Quay despite feeling tired and sleepy after continuously shooting for seven days.

As one of four hosts of ‘Get It Beauty 2017’, Dara confessed that shooting in Singapore for ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ was more daunting as she has to host the programme entirely in English. Dara also revealed that she did a lot of homework and prepared plenty prior to her trip in hopes that every viewer that catches the programme will take away something useful with regard to K-beauty.


To Tay Ying, working with Dara was like a dream come true. Having heard of the K-pop icon during her secondary school days, which was almost a good ten years ago, Tay Ying shared that she was really nervous yet excited when she first received the good news. She even proclaimed that “Dara is an angel and she is just so beautiful inside out. I had so much fun working with her!” As for Chantalle, she confessed that she was really nervous and did not really know how to react when she first met Dara. She also shared that Dara was really nice and grounded even though she is already an international superstar and she views Dara as her role model.

On tips to achieving a flawless complexion, Dara revealed that there is no short cut when it comes to skincare and that she puts on a face mask (be it a sheet mask or a sleeping mask) every night even if she is feeling tired or lazy. She explains that “our skin has been exposed throughout the day so at night, it needs the extra treatment to repair while we sleep”. Chantalle, who has tried the mask routine, attested to the effectiveness and that all of Dara’s tips really work, just like magic. She also shared the importance of applying sunblock to prevent freckles since the sun is merciless in Singapore. As for Tay Ying, in addition to using sleeping masks, she believes that drinking plenty of water to hydrate oneself is important as well. So now we know that the three tips to a flawless complexion are facial masks, sunblock, and plenty of water.


To stay healthy, the ideal formula is no doubt working out, coupled with healthier options of food. Understanding how Singaporeans are busy, with a constant lack of time, Dara will be disclosing some simple work out routines that you can try at your convenience, be it in the bathroom, at home, or at work, on ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’. In addition, she was also given the opportunity to try new ‘health food’ during the filming – food that she never knew were good for the skin – so it was a nice experience for her to learn about them. As for Chantalle, she tries to get ample rest daily and more recently, she has also gotten some health supplements (lingzhi). Other than these, as mentioned multiple times during the press conference, hydration is of utmost importance.

If Dara could only pick three items – be it a skin care product or a makeup item – for a photoshoot, she shared that her first pick will be a face mask to hydrate her face before the shoot, then her trusty BB cushion as a makeup base, and finally a lipstick which she could use it in three ways – as a blusher, lipstick, and eye shadow. Her witty answer only goes to show that Dara is definitely a beauty guru!

Curious to know what Dara’s upcoming plans are? She confessed that in her line of work, everything is unpredictable, but she is currently focusing on beauty and fashion as she is involved in another celebrity makeup show titled ‘Mimi Shop’, in addition to her upcoming pictorial shoots. She was also recently casted in the second season of ‘Borrow Trouble’ so she will be travelling to Switzerland for a week real soon. Due to her busy schedule, she does not have the time to head to the studio to work on her music, but promised that she will make an effort to head to the studio to make some new music. She dropped a couple of hints that she could be singing or acting in the near future, but as she said, nothing is really set in stone yet. Let’s just look forward to the surprises Dara will bring to the table this year!


Dara shared that she first got interested in fashion, beauty, and makeup when she was eight. At that time she was already buying clothes and the most trendy items in the market. Her passion for fashion grew deeper when she met her stylist, and she was exposed to her ‘iconic hairstyles’ and unique clothes she never thought she could pull off. Over the years, she met people from the fashion industry, of which many are now her close friends, and it has become a part of her life now to discuss the latest trends and what suits her best.

As a self-proclaimed cosmetic fanatic, Dara confessed that she loves buying and trying all the ‘trend’ items, and will obsessively purchase items that are not easily available in Korea. She shared her love for cute sheet masks as it is a way to cheer herself up, while going through her nightly routine of putting on a face mask, whenever she see the cute prints. As for Chantelle, her current obsession is the Korean natural makeup style – the one that is seemingly there but doesn’t look like it – as she doesn’t want her makeup to look over the top when she heads to school, while Tay Ying loves going for the gradient-lip look for the simple reason of “It looks cute!”

Want to get more insights of the latest beauty trends and gadgets, receive truthful reviews and secret tips from both the hosts and the Korean experts (Kim Ki Soo and Song Jin Joo)? Then ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ is definitely a show not to be missed, more so for K-beauty fanatics!


‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ answers pressing questions on beauty, skincare, hair, and wellness, by providing the latest information you never knew you needed! In addition to makeup tutorials, viewers will also receive skincare and beauty tips directly from the hosts, K-beauty experts, as well as online influencers. Get ready to transform your looks with ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ beauty tips!

‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ will premiere on 10th July 2018 (every Tuesday) on tvN Asia (StarHub TV CH824 and Singtel TV CH518/619) at 6.30PM and on Hub E City (StarHub TV CH111/825) at 8PM. Non-StarHub TV customers can also catch ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ for free on StarHub Go. The 4-episode series will be conducted in Mandarin, Korean, and English and paired with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, and Thai.

The best part of it all, ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ is just the beginning of more great things to come as CJ E&M HK’s Chief Operating Officer, Ms Anne Chan, shared that “This year, we are aggressively expanding our original production capabilities. Following the strong suit from last year’s ‘My Unexpected Sweet Trip’ and ‘One Night Food Trip – International Edition’, we believe in localizing K-formats and making them more relatable to our target audience. ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ is the first wave of our original production in 2018, and we aim at taking it to the rest of Asia! We also have multiple star-studded original productions in the pipeline featuring a mixture of lifestyle, food, and travel, so stay tuned with us!”

Indeed, tvN is where fun takes off! Now we can’t help but look forward to what tvN will be bringing to the table in 2018.

‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ is brought to you by tvN Asia and StarHub TV.


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