(x)clusive!: MXM’s ‘Match Up’ Press Conference in Singapore – Of Brilliant Smiles, Fried Chicken, and Photography


Even before the press conference officially started, the enthusiasm of the fans on site could be felt as they continuously cheered and chanted to MXM’s hit tracks.

What caught our attention the moment the members of MXM – Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun – appeared was definitely their brilliant smiles, as they responded enthusiastically to fans who called their names with little waves and adoring gazes.


When asked about what they have been up to after arriving in Singapore the day before, the boys shared that they have been by Marina Bay Sands and visited Singapore’s renowned Merlion landmark. Youngmin proceeded to express how honoured he was to be able to visit Singapore and was looking forward to showcasing MXM’s talents and charms at their fan meeting. Similarly, Donghyun conveyed his delight of finally being able to visit and explained how both of them had been looking forward to this trip for quite a while.


Singapore is well-known to be a foodie’s paradise. On which cuisine they were looking forward to trying, Donghyun – by no surprise actually – said that they were looking forward to trying Singapore’s famed Chilli Crab. Our emcee of the night, Deekosh, took this opportunity to introduce the duo to Black Pepper Crab, a similar dish which he believes the boys of MXM would prefer more.

As the session moved on to more interesting and intimate questions, the boys spill secrets about each other’s personal habits. Donghyun revealed that Youngmin has interesting sleeping positions. Throughout the night, Youngmin would toss and turn whilst asleep and as such, the position he wakes up in is always different from the position he went to sleep in. As for Donghyun, Youngmin divulged that the younger boy once woke up at 6AM to order fried chicken.


More interesting tidbits about the boys that we caught on from the Q&A would be that Youngmin has a growing interest in photography, which he has currently picked up as a hobby. Hoping to hone his skills in photography, Youngmin carries around his camera to practice his photography skills as and when he can. Let’s just hope he shares more photographs that he has taken of his trip in Singapore via their SNS then. As for Donghyun, he enjoys taking a stroll along Han River to destress as well as playing video games and watching movies during his free time. Now, we all know where we should go if we want to catch a glimpse of Donghyun when they are not promoting.

When questioned about what they would be doing if they did not decide to chase their idol dreams, Donghyun professed that he would be pursuing a music degree in university. Youngmin, interestingly, shared that he will be majoring in either interior or furniture design as he has always had an interest in them.


As for future plans, the boys wish to work on a sexier genre for future projects as well as collaborate with their labelmates from Brand New Music if they were given a chance to. Known to have written a few of their own tracks, the boys are working towards honing their songwriting skills and aspire to compose a title song of their own in the future. As for activities outside of music, Donghyun has an avid interest in acting and hopes to be able to showcase his acting skills to their fans in the future. As for Youngmin, he would like to learn how to host talk shows. If given a chance to appear on a variety show, the boys express interest in Running Man and Three Meals A Day as they enjoying being active and are interested in travelling and cooking. The boys also express interest in survival programs and expressed that if they were to have their own variety show, they would like to be left on a deserted island to learn survival skills. Law of the Jungle, please invite them onto the show!

MXM concluded their open press conference with a short fansign session for a few lucky fans. Throughout the session, the boys were all smiles, constantly waving, and beaming at their fans as they went through their Q&A. We look forward to meeting the boys again at their fan meeting tonight! We are ready for MXM! Are you ready?


A big thank you to IME Singapore for extending the event invite.

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