(x)clusive!: Super Show 7 in Singapore – A Reunion Party for Princes and Princesses

Super Show 7 in Singapore 1
Photos By: One Production | Text By: Liqing

Super Junior lit up last Saturday evening with a three-hour party that was all crazy, entertaining, and sweet. Although only seven members (Leeteuk, Siwon, Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Yesung) were present, they left the audience with nothing but great memories of a fantastic show.

The show, or “party for princes and princesses”, as Leeteuk says, started off with a video of a girl, representing ELF (Super Junior fans), receiving an invitation to Super Junior’s party. The party officially began when the spotlight hit the seven members on stage in their dazzling sequinned jackets, as they sang the title song of their latest release, ‘Black Suit’. Although the song came to an end, the music didn’t stop and Eunhyuk wowed the audience with his solo dance, smoothly transitioning to the next song, ‘Scene Stealer’. They then sang their 2014 hit song, ‘Mamacita’ on the elevated stage in the middle, sparing no time to get closer to their fans even though it was just the beginning of the show.

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The members then greeted the audience for the first time while catching their breath, wiping their sweat and gulping down water. They expressed their happiness to be back in Singapore and how much they’ve missed their Singapore ELFs! Donghae in particular spoke in fluent English, promising that he’d do his best for the show. As the individual greetings came to Heechul, he started his signature chant in Korean “I love you, Kim Hee Chul!” To his surprise and the members’ amazement, Singapore ELFs not only chanted with him, but completed the second part perfectly in Korean with “Milky white, Kim Hee Chul!” He was thoroughly impressed, saying that the fans’ Korean language had improved a lot. Eunhyuk also got everyone chuckling with his “I love you la!”, and Leeteuk’s “My princess! My princess!”

In addition to their playful greeting, the ‘sweaty’ men took off their dazzling jackets, revealing white shirts in varying opacities. In particular, Siwon was nearly soaked transparent. And yes, it was perfect for their next song, ‘Shirt’. Moving on to the next video clip and a wardrobe change, the group came back on stage with female dancers as they sang ‘Girlfriend’, from their 8th album –  PLAY. They then went on to sing ‘This is Love’, and R&B track ‘Too Late’. Keeping with the same change in mood, they belted their hearts out to their 2009 hit song, ‘It’s You’, which was definitely a reminder of just how good this song is.

Super Show 7 in Singapore 2

The next video clip depicted a devastated Donghae losing the love of his life in a car accident, leading to a scene of him playing the piano to the tune of his self-written song, ‘One More Chance’. The heartbreaking ballad then turned sweet, as fans held up banners in Korean which read “I love you more and more each day” during the song ‘Memories’ and ‘Stars Appear’.

The highlight of the evening drew tonnes of laughter and joy as Super Junior appeared on screen wearing Power Rangers costumes, each showing off their moves. The laughter intensified as the Super (Power) Rangers came up on stage striking team poses in their battle gear, even “fighting” some “villains” on stage. The rangers were as follows: Pink Ranger – Heechul, Green Ranger – Donghae, Blue Ranger – Eunhyuk, Yellow Ranger – Siwon, Purple Ranger – Yesung, Red Ranger – Leeteuk, and Shindong was a transformer-like robot. Super Junior T (Trot)’s ‘Rokkugo’ proved the best match to their outfits as the mood got higher with the enthusiastic number.

Sadly, the Super Power Rangers had to return to real life, as they changed into grey school uniforms and came out to chat with the audience. They gave praise to their dancers, who previously entertained the audience with a dance medley of Super Junior hits like ‘U’, while the rangers turned into high school students backstage. Eunhyuk emphasized his love for Singaporean chilli crab and black pepper crab, using their eagerness to get their crab fix as a metaphor for how they and Singapore ELFs have wanted to meet. Shindong quips that Super Show 7 is like Singapore… hot! Heechul also adds that he really enjoys visiting Singapore and revealed that he visited our sunny island on holiday, after he was discharged from military service. He hopes that he could travel for a vacation with his members!

They then get the party started up once again by sitting at school desks and breaking into ‘Runaway’, showing off their charming goofiness with this upbeat, cheerful track. It’s hard to believe they are all in their 30s when they look this fresh and youthful! Next up was ‘Too Many Beautiful Girls’, followed by ‘Magic’. The members had so much fun with this number, playing with a variety of props on stage. Leeteuk made everyone laugh by sticking his face in front of one of the cameras, waving a lollipop. He then ran all over the stage for the rest of the song, waving to fans and not missing one single corner.

Super Show 7 in Singapore 3

DJ Siwon then dropped some crazy beats from a console in the middle of the stage, before smoothly transitioning to a medley of ‘Charm of Life’, ‘On and On’ and ‘Super Duper’. Yesung’s fancy solo opening was the perfect introduction to the song that no one could get out of their heads when it was released in 2009 – ‘Sorry Sorry’. The crowd roared and sang along with the addictive song as the members filled the stadium with their infectious energy. Heechul’s drum solo in the middle was perfect, and the energy continued to build as they went on to ‘BONAMANA’. The whole place was on fire!

As the concert slowly approached the end, Leeteuk appeared on stage alone, reading a heartfelt letter from Super Junior to ELFs, with fans’ favourite ‘Marry You’ playing in the background as he read each word. He thanked fans for staying by their side, through the ups and downs, and that “we hope to make long lasting beautiful memories together”. “We may not be perfect, but would you accept our proposal?” As fans screamed “Yes!” in unison, the other 6 members scattered across the front stage, singing ‘I Do’ and ‘The Lucky Ones’.

Super Show 7 in Singapore 4

Even though it was as if time stood still, the last song played and it was also the most beautiful moment of the concert; Fans lit up the dark stadium with bright finger lights, painting a twinkling night sky as they sang along with Super Junior to ‘Shining Star’. Pausing halfway through the song, the members relayed their heartfelt messages: “Thank you Singapore, I love you… forever.” – Shindong. “I think, we will be together forever. I love you!” – Donghae. “I missed you guys.. Thank you, I love you! Singapore!” – Yesung. “Thank you for the happy memories.. We will be together and we will love you forever! Thank you all.” – Siwon. Heechul broke the lovely moment with, “I like pepper crab, I like chilli crab, I love Singapore.” “I’d like to make a promise with you,” Eunhyuk slowly spoke in English. The members laughed and he covered his eyes shyly, but he continued, “you guys have been with us for a long time till now, but we promise that we will have more days to be together. You guys will be with us, right?” It was a touching moment, as he spoke slowly but clearly, and fans resounded with a loud “Yes!” Leeteuk was the last person to speak, “We will always love you, and we always be on your side.”

The encore was spectacular as the members once again went for one last hurrah with ‘Devil’ and ‘Spin Up’, before wrapping up the show with ‘Miracle’, a beloved song from their debut album in 2005. Reluctant to leave, they sang the last chorus again and again before they finally ended the song. As the members delivered their final goodbyes and left the stage, fans continued staying in their seats as the screens played behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the concert, including a special audio message from enlisted members Kyuhyun and Ryeowook, through their managers lipsyncing their voices on camera.

Super Show 7 in Singapore 5

With the elaborate props, stage, set design, prince/princess themed video clips, along with their energetic performances and amazing live singing, as well as their signature messy banter on stage, and the amount of effort put in to speak in English and Mandarin, the sincerity of the love Super Junior has for their fans was truly felt throughout the concert. One could certainly see and feel their veteran idol presence, so much so that the stadium felt too small for them! Also, the concert set list matched up almost identical to their Seoul concert set list, except for their debut song ‘Twins (Knock Out)’, which was sadly omitted in this one. Overall, it was a fantastic concert that was really enjoyable and moving!

A big thank you to One Production for the concert invite!

If you are missing the adorkable members of Super Junior, catch them at Super Show 7 in Hong Kong next Saturday!

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