(x)clusive!: SEVENTEEN Brings Their Diamond Edge to Singapore


Late last month, popular Korean boyband brought their first SEVENTEEN Diamond Edge World Tour to Singapore. The group, consisting of thirteen members (S.Coups, Vernon, Woozi, Mingyu, Wonwoo, The8, Jun, Joshua, DK, Jeonghan, Hoshi, Seungkwan and Dino), sang and performed to several classics, including ‘Pretty U’ and ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’. Filling the convention hall with boundless energy alongside the strong fanchants, here are our top five highlights of the night.

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Title track galore

Since their debut, the boys have released a series of bops that easily have the audience singing along. From ‘Adore U’, ‘Pretty U’ to ‘Boom Boom’, the boys showed their playful charms on stage with a perfectly synchronized dance moves. Our favourite of the bunch had to be their latest promotional title, ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’. The stage with all thirteen of them combined with great choreography brought a strong impact on the audience.


Different Units & New Songs

One unique trait of SEVENTEEN is their divide into three different sub-units: Vocal, Hip Hop and Performance. During the concert, each team had their chance to perform for the audience their own songs. The vocal unit blew the audience away with their emotional lives of ‘We Gonna Make It Shine’ and ‘Don’t Listen Secretly’. Hip Hop unit got the floor to throw their hands in the air with ‘Un Haeng Il Chi’ and ‘Check In’. Last but not least, the Performance Unit earn loud applause for their eye-catching choreography.

There were also Special Unit performances, including ‘My I‘ by Jun and The8. Incorporating modern dance elements into their performance, it was no doubt one of the highlights of the night.


Not forgetting the B-sides

Of course, we cannot forget the other B-sides being performed. Title tracks are fun songs to chant along, and unit songs serve up something more specialized, but OT13 versions of songs and B-sides are also another major focus. B-sides are often looked over by the average K-pop fans, but they often hide gems that are well-worth the listen, and some even hold special meanings to the fans. We’re huge fans of ‘Healing‘, which makes a great touch to end the concert on.


Their playful chemistry

For a big group, a common topic of interest would be the team chemistry. From the ending ment section where they cohesively cooed at S.coups for making a nice speech, to running around the stage for the encore song, and teasing each other, the boys showed just how close they are to tease each other frequently. We even caught sight of Jun lifting Joshua up, pretending to throw him in the mosh. Such are tell-tale signs of how close the members are on a usual basis. Considering their long training period before their debut, it’s not hard to understand why.


The heart-felt letter (VCR)

The VCR that played near the end of the concert was definitely a segment that tugged on the fans’ heartstrings. Behind the scenes footage of them practicing was shown as they each left a message to precious Carats. While recounting their journey, Seventeen members expressed their gratitude to their beloved Carats. To fans who have followed them, this was definitely a trip down the memory lane, and a moment where you could see the growth of the members.

It’s not difficult then, to see why the boys harboured so much affection for their loyal fans. From witty comments to sincere ones, they constantly raised the point of thanking Carats amid shouts of ‘I love you’ to the crowd, who cheer them on in response.

In conclusion, these are our top 5 moments of Seventeen’s Diamond Edge in Singapore concert. Which was your favourite that we missed? Let us know!

Many thanks to IME SG for extending the invite!

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