(x)clusive!: Rollin’ to an Energetic Night at the Gangjin K-Pop M Super Concert

Gangjin K-Pop M Super Concert

The Gangjin K-Pop M Super Concert by Mnet was held successfully on 21st October 2017. Located at one of the Southernmost points of South Korea, also part of the South Jeolla Province, Gangjin may not be one of the first names to come to mind when planning an itinerary for a trip to South Korea. The M Super Concert was an excellent chance to draw crowds to the county, and being part of the crowds at the vibrant outdoors concert was undoubtedly exhilarating.

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Of course, no concert would be as enjoyable without the hottest names in K-Pop right now, and the Gangjin K-Pop M Super Concert boasted a stellar line-up including B1A4, B.A.P, Wanna One, Laboum, Sonamoo, Miso, Kassy, with DinDin.


Kassy was one of the first performers of the night, and her soulful rendition of Good Morning and her latest song Let It Rain was a perfect way to get the audience into a mood befitting of current season in South Korea; the middle of fall. Miso then fired up the audience with the infectious energy of dance pop tracks Pink Lady and KKPP.


Rising girl groups Sonamoo and Laboum took over the stage next. Sonamoo performed Friday Night and I Like U Too Much, while Laboum blew the audience away with their cutesy Hwi Hwi and Journey to Atlantis. Their live performances were flawless despite the strong gusts, and all of the girls put up a great stage.


B.A.P were a real stage presence once they hit the stage with Wake Me Up, That’s My Jam, Angel, and not forgetting their latest comeback song, Honeymoon. It was indeed Honeymoon for B.A.P’s fans, Babyz, with the setlist of four songs – allowing the fans to be able to see their favourite idols for as long – as B.A.P showcased their powerful dance and vocals.


Many of the fans attending the concert made their way from the different provinces all over Seoul, and some are even from overseas. And of these fans, a huge percentage are Wanna One fans, also known as Wannables. There were buses organised for fans journeying from different cities, and it’s interesting to see many of the tour buses dedicated for fans from Busan, Gwangju, and more.


So one of the highlights of the night are super rookies Wanna One, and it was obvious from the enthusiastic cheers from the crowds once the boys appeared on stage. Starting with Energetic, Wanna One then continued with Burn It Up, Never, and Pick Me. While it is true that the hype surrounding them is enormous, there’s no doubt as to why they are worthy of it. Wanna One was birthed from Produce 101 Season 2, and the group is a combination of many talented dancers and vocalists, and of course, all of them have visuals to boast.


Last but not least, B1A4 ascended the stage as the final performers of the night to passionate cheering from their fans, BANAs. It has been a while since their last comeback, and fans were definitely excited to have a chance to watch them perform live. Rousing the crowd with one of their iconic songs, What’s Happening, B1A4 also put up a fun performance of their previous titles, Baby Goodnight, A Lie, and latest comeback song, Rollin’.

B1A4 has always been strong in their performances, and watching them raising the energy of the crowd while running around the stage to interact with the audiences further proved that they are indeed, still one of the best, and BANAs can definitely testify to this.


The Gangjin K-Pop M Super Concert wrapped up on a high and fans were still on the edge of their seats as B1A4 exited the stage. The outdoors concert was fun, and if given the opportunity, it would be interesting to travel around South Korea to attend more music festivals in different provinces as all of them offer a different experience.


On a personal note, travelling to a part of Korea outside of Seoul for a concert was an eye-opener, while the route there on bus was long, yet the concert itself was worth the trip. Seoul is also an attractive location for concerts and festivals, but only travelling across Korea will give you the opportunity to take in sights and sounds that are impossible to find in the city. Gangjin actually has a lot more to offer, and we’ll be bringing you more on that in our next post!

If you’re thinking of adding Gangjin to your itinerary for your next Korea trip, here are some travel directions:

  1. Take the KTX (high-speed rail) from Seoul Station to either Mokpo Station or Naju Station.
  2. From Mokpo Station, take a taxi to the Mokpo Bus Terminal and board an intercity bus bound for Gangjin from there.
  3. From Naju Station, take a taxi to Naju Intercity Bus Terminal and board an express bus bound for Gangjin from there.

The above travel tips are brought to you by the Korea Travel Organization (KTO). The KTO website also offers extensive information to all parts of Korea, not just Seoul, if you haven’t checked it out yet, visit KTO and explore the site for the latest happenings in Korea as well as travel tips!

We would also like to extend a huge thanks to Korea Travel Organization (KTO) Singapore as this trip was only made possible by them.

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