(x)clusive!: MyTeen Holds Amazing Hi-Touch and Fansign Event in Hong Kong

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Despite just arriving in Hong Kong, MyTeen headed straight to Tsuen Wan to attend their Hi-Touch and Fansign event. It was simply amazing how they interacted with the media and fans, with a bit of shyness, yet exploding in cuteness.

Despite the fact that the group only debuted in late July, this is not MyTeen’s first visit to Hong Kong. Earlier this year, MyTeen were in town to perform as part of their pre-debut promotions. As such, when asked how they felt to be back in Hong Kong again, the group shared that even though they were really excited, they were undeniably nervous at they same time, since this is the first time they are meeting their fans in Hong Kong after they have officially debuted.

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To show their sincerity, MyTeen attempted speaking in Cantonese. However, the most heart fluttering words had to be “我愛你地 (Ngor Oi Nei Dei)”, which meant “Love y’all!”. Pretty sure screams filled the venue whenever the group showed their affections for their fans.

Lee Tae Vin

On what MyTeen would like to eat or visit during their stay in Hong Kong, the boys immediately got excited and mentioned their wish to have Mango Shaved Ice and Dim Sum again. They even added that they would like to head over to Mong Kok for some street food, once again showing that this is indeed not their first time in the city.

As rookies, MyTeen shared that EXO and BTS are groups they look up to as role models and added that they would really like to collaborate with BTS should there be an opportunity in the future.

Eun Su

When asked which countries they would like to visit next, MyTeen responded that they would love to go wherever their fans are. As such, they hope their fans in Singapore, and everywhere else in the world will continue support them!

MyTeen ended the event with a performance of their debut track ‘Amazing’ and ‘Take it out’ for their fans. The boys were genuinely surprised and pleased when they saw their fans singing along and doing the fan chant, even though it hasn’t been that long since they have debuted.

Xi Heon

(x)clusive wishes MyTeen success in their future promotions, and we look forward to seeing their performance with Minzy at their joint concert this evening!

We would like to thank MusicWorks Entertainment, Musikabend, and D-PARKS for extending the invitation to the event.


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