(x)clusive!: 5 Things You Missed at EXID’s 2017 Asia Tour in Singapore


15 July marks EXID’s first trip to Singapore since their formation, making a pit-stop on our island as the second stop of their Asian tour. It’s a dream come true for Singaporean LEGGOs, who finally get to see the girls in the flesh. It’s been a long wait; although the powerhouse group may seem like they have just burst into the K-Pop scene, they have actually been around since 2012, having survived a line-up change and lacklustre chart performances before a fan-recorded video of Hani performing to ‘Up & Down‘ went viral, launching them into super-stardom seemingly overnight. The rest, as they say, is history.

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The talented young women went on to prove that they weren’t a one trick wonder, as they churn out hits after hits, and won them award after award on music shows. At the same time, they also proved their individual mettle through  hosting and variety show appearances. And last Saturday, the quartet (consisting of LE, Hani, Hyelin, and Jeonghwa as Solji is unfortunately on hiatus for health reasons) brought their diverse talents and bubbly charms to Kallang Theatre for an up close and personal time with their fans in Singapore. Without further ado, here’s our top five highlights from the show!


1. Hits Galore

LEGGOs were in for a real treat as EXID performed nearly all their hit tracks. Starting the show with a bang with the groovy ‘L.I.E‘, complete with the dance solo by Jeonghwa, they went on to perform pitch-perfect renditions of ‘Ah Yeah‘ and ‘Hot Pink‘, rounding out the first set of tracks. Despite Solji’s absence, the other four members carried the tracks flawlessly. Their second set was no different, featuring newer, sultrier tracks ‘Boy and Night Rather Than Day‘, including ‘Of Course‘ that EXID performed for the first time. In the heat of the night, LEGGOs tirelessly waved their light sticks to the beat while singing at the top of their lungs.

2. Their Love for Singapore

Fan meets aren’t just a chance for fans to meet their idols, but also an opportunity to learn more about them. In between sets, EXID had a quick Q&A session with the emcee, during which they revealed that one of the first local delicacies they tried was laksa. Hyelin deemed it delicious, while Hani laments about not having had the chance to try chili crab yet. LE and Hyelin also talked a little about their recent vacation to Hawaii, and had no qualms about vacationing together as a group! When asked where they would like to go, Hani picked Singapore without hesitation, much to the LEGGOs’ very vocal approval.


3. Healthy Competition

Games are the tried and true tradition of fan meets, and it is no different this time. EXID played ‘guess the song’, in which they listened and hummed aloud to an unfamiliar song while they had LEGGOs guess which song it was. It was delightful to hear the ladies hum along to classics from local megastars like JJ Lin and Stephanie Sun, and fans had a great time guessing too! Those who guessed the songs correctly got to bring home autographed CDs. Our most memorable award goes to the fan who, upon being asked his name while receiving the CD, announced that he’s ‘EXID’s forever fan’ – a move that earned a roar of approval from on-site LEGGOs and declarations of love from the girls!

4. Hani’s Chili Lobster

Hani might have been more known as the variety representative thanks to her hosting stint on popular Korean variety show, Weekly Idol, but the other three proved that they were just as entertaining, if not more. Not only did their quips leave LEGGOs gasping with laughter, their friendly rivalry while designing T-shirts for LEGGOs was also a fun affair. Hani’s solemn explanation (in fluent English!) of her chili lobster, crab, and fish emblazoned t-shirt was especially endearing but packed a punch of laugh—although she had meant to draw a crab, she mistakenly drew a lobster instead. Well, crab or not, we are pretty sure LEGGOs didn’t mind, as evidenced by the anticipation that gripped the theater during the lucky draw for the shirts.


5. Surprises for Everyone

The highlight of the night was definitely the fan-support event, which took EXID by complete surprise as they were about to launch into a performance of Up & Down. A fan-made video was played on screen, spotlighting the early days of EXID and their journey to success. For the first time, the mood in the theatre was sombre as the girls were moved to tears, even Hyelin and Jeonghwa, whom Hani pointed out, rarely cries. With all the work that they’ve put in over the years, it must have been heartwarming to know that their efforts are appreciated and loved. In return, the group showed a great encore performance of ‘How Why‘, surprising LEGGOs when they re-entered the hall from the back and strolled down the aisles towards the stage, greeting fans and ending the night on a high note.


All in all, EXID’s first visit to Singapore was a roaring success. If you’ve missed their show here and the first stop in Hong Kong, be sure to catch them during their next tour stop in Taiwan on July 30!

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