(x)clusive!: Night Rather than Day at EXID Asia Tour in Hong Kong

Text/Videos By: Steph

EXID successfully kicked off their Asia Tour in Hong Kong to a strong crowd of 3600 at Star Hall KITEC. Despite Solji missing the fanmeet due to health issues, the remaining four members – Jeonghwa, LE, Hyelin and Hani – promised LEGGOs (an affectionate term for fans of EXID) that the group will return to Hong Kong next time with their leader. They even greeted their fans on behalf of Solji with “Hello, we are Soljis!” and imitated their leader’s tone of speech, showing their closeness as a team.

The fanmeet started with performances of EXID’s major hits – L.I.E, Ah Yeah, and Hot Pink. Even before the four girls appeared on stage again, the fans were presented with their first benefit of the night – a link to download self-recorded ringtones from the members! The emcee even joked that LEGGOs will always pick-up their calls from now on.

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Jeonghwa says “green represents 나야나! (na-ya-na)”

The members talked about their recent activities, and explained the cover of their latest mini-album, ECLIPSE, where each colour on the cover represented a member of EXID. They also elaborated on how the colour symbolised a trait of each member.


When the emcee asked who is represented by the colour green, Jeonghwa immediately sang out “나야나 (na-ya-na; meaning ‘me’ in Korean)~!” whilst doing the dance moves of that line. Seems like Jeonghwa has also been infected by the MNET’s Produce 101 ‘Pick Me’ craze!

Jeonghwa claimed green was her colour as it is bright and fresh like her cheerful and positive personality. On the other hand, Hani said blue suited her because she felt that blue portrays a sexy image. Hyelin said her colour purple symbolised elegance but Jeonghwa started to pretend that she was cutting steak and said Hyelin’s more like ‘meat’ (as the two have a similar pronunciation in Korean).

They also showed various photos taken by the members themselves and all Hong Kong LEGGOs would agree that the highlight of this section would definitely be LE’s bikini photo of herself at the hotel’s swimming pool. The whole hall started screaming causing the rapper to shyly explain that she chose this photo without thinking how embarrassing it would be to have it fill up the whole projector screen.

“Hani is 오빠 (oppa)!”

During the games section, four lucky fans were invited on stage and the members were split into two teams – LE and Jeonghwa versus Hani and Hyelin – where the teams’ cooperation skills were tested for all three rounds.

Firstly, all the teams had to strike a pose that represented the word that appeared on the screen without prior discussion. When the word “Hani” appeared on stage during the game, everyone in the team did the famous Up & Down pose except Hani, causing Hani’s team to lose for this round. Hani immediately defended herself in English saying she’s “not sexy (like that movement Up & Down)” because “Hani is Oppa (brother)!” causing the audience to erupt in laughter.

LE thinks prawn dumpling with wasabi ain’t that bad

The second game involved one person in each team eating a prawn dumpling containing wasabi but everyone had to convince the opposing team that they’re the ones with the wasabi prawn dumpling. LE was the unlucky one for her team, but to everyone’s surprise, she actually thought “(the wasabi prawn dumpling) tasted better than I expected”. We sincerely hope LE had the opportunity to taste the authentic dim sum to make a better comparison!

170617 EXID in Hong KongHani’s exaggerated acting caused the whole hall to burst into laughter.

In the final round, Hyelin and Hani’s team was crowned the winners of the game corner as Jeonghwa took longer to pull out the coin from a box of plastic spiders. Ultimately, the losing team was forced to act cute and say “I love you!” in Cantonese. Rather than a penalty, it sounds more like a fan-service for LEGGOs.

Following the games section, EXID performed two more song – Night Rather than Day and Up & Down. Both songs were undeniably sexy, causing the whole hall to scream for more.

EXID blamed the fans for making them cry

EXID said that they had a surprise prepared for their fans for the encore, but Hong Kong LEGGOs interrupted them with a fan-made video that contained shared fond memories instead. Facing a sea of slogans with the lyrics “the world is beautiful as long as you exist” (from EXID’s own song Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring), the members express their gratitude towards their fans and had difficulty controlling their tears despite promising themselves to not cry on stage again.


Jeonghwa expressed her gratitude whilst trying to hold back tears.
LE: But we’re supposed to be bright and cheerful (for the next song)!

EXID performed “Hey Why” before saying their goodbyes and the members even came down from the stage and performed parts of the song at close proximity to their fans.

Without doubt, EXID really knew how to create an unforgettable Night rather than Day for their fans! We hope EXID will be back in Hong Kong soon and wish them success for the remaining stops of the tour.

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