[MOVIE REVIEW] House of the Disappeared starring Kim Yun Jin and Ok Taecyeon


There is just something about the way Koreans portray horror movies that keeps us going back for more. Our team caught the exclusive preview screening of ‘House of the Disappeared‘ and well, let’s just say that while the horror movie buffs in us were contented with the gripping plot, the movie made us cry as well. Nothing greater than a mother’s love and this theme could be felt thoroughly throughout the 100 minutes.


If you’ve ever been kept up at night by noises in your house, you’ll know the dread of leaving the safety and comfort of your bed to investigate the source and usually just stay where you are until sleep overtakes you. Unfortunately, our lead character – Mi Hee (acted by Kim Yun Jin) – wasn’t so lucky and she come across the dead body of her husband before witnessing her son disappearing into a wall (say what?). She was then charged with the murder of her whole family and sentenced to life imprisonment.

After serving 25 years in prison, Mi Hee is allowed to serve the rest of her sentence in her now dilapidated house, where she believes that her son is still in, somewhere. At this point, a friendly pastor (acted by Ok Taecyeon) comes into the picture as the only person who believes Mi Hee’s story and wants to help her.

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We see snippets of events leading up to that fateful night of the murder and disappearance, as we learn more about Mi Hee’s family life as well as the history of the house. We don’t want to give the whole story away but there’s a big clue in the Korean title of the movie – ‘시간위의 집‘ loosely translated as ‘House of Time Phase’.

What we really appreciate about Korean horror movies, actually Asian horror movies in general, is the fact that they actually do pay attention to the storyline and don’t go for cheap scares. ‘House of the Disappeared‘ pulls you into the story almost immediately and makes you question the scenarios as you uncover the truth behind the house and the disappearance of her son with Mi Hee and the pastor.

House of the Disappeared‘ is not your typical horror movie as it touches on familial themes as well. So if you are one who usually recoils at the mere thought of catching a horror movie with friends, do give this one a shot.

You can still catch the movie at Golden Village Vivocity and Golden Village Yishun and share with us your thoughts of it.

Many thanks to mm2 entertainment for the tickets!

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