KBEE 2017 to be held in Hong Kong this July (feat. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, B.A.P and GU9UDAN)

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, B.A.P and GU9UDAN will be heading to Hong Kong this July as KBEE (Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo) 2017’s ambassadors. The event will be held from 12th – 14th July at Asia World Expo and the ambassadors will be appearing on the first two days at scheduled timings.


DAY ONE (12th July 2017)

All three ambassadors, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, B.A.P and GU9UDAN, will be appearing during the “K-Festival Opening Ceremony and K-Pop Concert” on the first day from 4PM-6PM in Hall 2. (For more information on how to receive ‘free’ tickets to the event, please refer to the ticketing download section below.)

On the same day, there will also be a Mega Sale with over 80 participating Korean companies of different categories including food, beauty, fashion and entertainment. For the Mega Sales Event on 12th July, do pre-register through KBEE 2017 Hong Kong official website. The pre-registration is for the safety of the visitors since the Asia World Expo Hall 2 can only hold an approximate of 5000 people. Pre-registration is available from 21st June 2017 on a first come first serve basis so do head over to pre-register now!

Do note that those who have the “K-Festival Opening Ceremony and K-Pop Concert” ticket can be admitted without registration.

800 tickets will be open for download on KBEE 2017 Hong Kong official website and 200 tickets will be given out through KBEE 2017 Facebook.

Seating Plan:

KBEE 2017 Day One Seating Plan

DAY TWO (12th July 2017)

There will also be a fan signing event for each of the ambassadors on day two of the event at Asia World Expo Hall 2. For each of the artiste, 80 lucky fans will receive a signature ticket and another 300  fans will receive a general admission ticket to view the fan signing event.

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Schedule of the Fan Signing:

B.A.P’s Fan Signing Event – 12PM -1PM
GU9UDAN’s Fan Signing Event – 1PM -3PM
Jung Yong Hwa’s Fan Signing Event – 4PM-5PM

Both the Opening Ceremony and the Fan Signing Events require a ticket for admission, but luckily everything can be downloaded at their official website!

Ticketing Download Details:

Tickets are for free and can be downloaded from the KBEE 2017 Hong Kong official website on 23rd June and 30th June, 7PM. However, do note the ONE PERSON ONE TICKET rule.

KBEE 2017 Ticket Download Schedule

There are EIGHT types of tickets available for download:

23rd June 2017 (7PM): Opening Ceremony / B.A.P fansign pass / B.A.P general pass / GU9UDAN fansign pass/ GU9UDAN general pass

30th June 2017 (7PM): Opening Ceremony / Jung Yong Hwa fansign pass / Jung Yong Hwa general  pass

Among these eight type of tickets available for download, you can only choose to download ONE (i.e. if you applied for a ticket on 23rd June, you may not apply for another ticket on 30th June) so that the benefit of meeting their favourite celebrities via these various events can be extended to more K-Pop fans in Hong Kong.

Tickets are offered on a first come first served basis and personal identification documents may be required.

Don’t miss this opportunity for all things Korean this coming July! See you at Asia World Expo!

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