(x)clusive!: EXO Attracted 5,500 Crowd at SKECHERS K-Pop Dance Competition 2017


Three members of EXO, Suho, Chanyeol and Sehun, graced our sunny isle last Saturday for a short appearance at the SKECHERS K-Pop Dance Competition 2017, held at Causeway Point.

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With six teams from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand vying for the win, the groups definitely brought on their A-game as they performed their practised choreography, earning cheers from the crowd present.


The highlight of the evening was definitely the moment when Suho, Chanyeol and Sehun made a stage appearance nearing the end of the competition. As brand ambassadors of SKECHERS, the trio also presented the award to the winning team, Virus Ladies from Malaysia, that won the title of “Asia Champion”.

The strong crowd of 5,500 was no doubt a testament of the group’s popularity, with many waiting since the night before. Not forgetting how the members’ appearance on stage alone fuelled cheers and screams that never ceased throughout their short interview session.


We met Suho, Chanyeol and Sehun prior to their appearance at the dance competition and found out where they would like to bring their members to when they return as a full group, how they would pair their Sweet Monster shoes and their advice for aspiring dancers.

Chanyeol confessed that “Every time we are in Singapore, we’ve always wanted to visit the Infinity Pool or the top floor of Marina Bay Sands. Last night, Sehun, Suho, our manager and I finally got a chance to go there for a glimpse of the night scenery from the top of the building. It was really beautiful and we hope to return with the rest of the members next time so that we can enjoy the view together.”


On what they would pair their Sweet Monster shoes with, leader Suho commented that it is a pair of shoes that goes well with training pants as well as jeans. Sehun feels that since they are a pair of sports shoes, it would be nice to wear comfortable clothes with them, while Chanyeol thinks that the shoes will be a great match with casual street wear.


As to how they chose the colour of the Sweet Monster shoes they wore at the event, Suho explained that he will match the shoes according to what he wore that day – he selected a black pair of Sweet Monster as he wore black slacks to the airport and to match the light shade of blue jeans he wore that evening, he decided on a grey pair. Sehun simply admitted that among all the colours, black is his favourite so his choice is undoubtedly black. For Chanyeol, he mentioned that he would have chosen black normally, but to match his outfit that day, he chose a pair of grey ones (just like Suho).


On words of advice to aspiring dancers, Suho shared that if one chases their dreams hard enough, he believes that they would come true, while Chanyeol felt that if one is desperate enough for something and if one dreams big, they will definitely be able to fulfil their dreams. Maknae Sehun encouraged young dancers to dream big and to never give up on what they want. Even in times of failure, work even harder.

If Sehun was a judge of a dance competition he thinks that he would look at the ‘feel’ that they give off when they dance as there are a lot of people who can dance very well. Thus he would award more points to those who have the ‘X-factor’.


With EXO-Ls patiently waiting on EXO’s impending comeback, Suho shared that they are already in the midst of preparing their new album. Having just recently completed the last leg of their EXO’rDIUM tour, Suho also revealed that the group is already planning their new concert with a world tour and will be coming back to Singapore real soon.


The appearance of the trio was no doubt short, but let’s patiently for EXO to return to Singapore for their next concert tour as promised by leader Suho. Meanwhile, do support EXO as they make their grand comeback this coming July!

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