(x)clusive!: 5 Things You Missed If You Were Not at the AOMG ‘Follow the Movement’ Tour

Photos By: Launch Group

If you weren’t there at the AOMG ‘Follow the Movement‘ Tour in Singapore earlier this month, you honestly missed a great show! Here’s five reasons (and highlights) why you should definitely attend their concert the next time they are in town as DJ Pumpkin, Loco, Jay Park, Simon Dominic and Gray definitely played their party cards right!

#1 – Hot Jay Park vs Casual Jay Park


Firstly, let us appreciate this photo of a topless Jay Park. As expected, he took off his shirt during the last song of his set, ‘Mommae‘, to the screams of his fans who were dangerously close to getting a nosebleed. While Jay Park excited the crowd with his music, he also showed his casual side when he openly blew his nose on stage! He is only human thus it was actually endearing to know that this hot musician isn’t bothered about trying to upkeep a cool image. Talk about keeping it real!



Any guesses for what Simon D’s favourite food is? It’s not the overly-used answer of chilli crab but *please insert drumroll* laksa! Simon D also showed his humorous side by calling himself “LakS(a)IMON DOMINIC”, which made the audience burst into laughter. This is definitely one nickname that you cannot ‘unhear’.

#3 – Clumsy and Cute Gray


The concert kicked off with Loco and Gray hyping up the crowd.While Gray was getting everyone excited, he actually tripped over a speaker and you could almost hear all the fans’ hearts dropping simultaneously in shock. But no worries everyone, because he wasn’t injured! Bet that woke everyone up and may have even made us all the more ready to enjoy ourselves. Gray also made the crowd giggle with “Singapore is so fresh and so clean!” when he tried his best to speak in English. We hope that means he likes our little red dot enough to come back again real soon!



We’ve honestly no idea where to start from with regard to their awesome music. Let’s just say that it ain’t no party like an AOMG party! With their infectious beats, to-the-point lyrics and amazing energy, we found ourselves nodding our heads along to the groove and singing along whenever we could, just like everyone in the crowd. The music alone is definitely the only reason you need to convince yourself why this concert is a ‘must attend’.

#5 – Partying with the Boys!


The boys made sure to interact with the fans throughout the concert – speaking in between performances, going down to the moshpit area to get upclose and personal. You can really feel their sincerity and enthusiasm in giving their best by making sure everyone enjoyed the show! We definitely did, so thank you AOMG!

Were you at the concert? Share with us your favourite moments of the show!

A big thank you to Launch Group for extending the concert invitation!

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