[K-Food] NeNe Chicken Stretches Menu With New 50cm Hotplate Chicken


NeNe Chicken is introducing a brand new, 50cm Hotplate Chicken ($35.40) on their menu! Also available as a combo with 3 drinks ($39.90), the new dish includes their signature fried chicken, stewed chicken, curly fries and a plate of gooey, stretchy cheese to fit with the cheese-pull trend on our sunny island. This special item also comes with three signature sauces for a complete mix-and-match experience to fit your personal taste. Our team head had a taste test upon receiving an invitation, and here’s our quick review.

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Like its name states, the tray was dished out in all 50cm glory on a customised wooden rack, with six lighted candles to warm the metal tray. The stringy cheese, while unfortunately did not melt enough to wrap around the chicken easily in our case, managed to provide a rather satisfying pull each time. We would have preferred a little more flavour in the fried chicken itself too, but the cheese and dips were alright as an alternative.


The stew chicken boast a slightly sweet flavour with a kick of pepper, which had us craving for a bowl of rice to go with the savoury sauce. Among the three dips available, honey mustard proved to be our group’s favourite for both the chicken and the curly fries.

Portion-wise, the dish would be fitting for an outing of two to three people, albeit on the pricier side. Unless you’re a major cheese lover, or enjoy dipping sauces, we actually preferred their marinated chicken combo on their regular menu. If only we could swap them with the original chicken, it would have been perfect!


A special dish available only in Singapore at the moment, you can find it at the NEX outlet, and the Korean fried chicken brand is looking to include it in other outlets soon. Have you tried their 50cm Hotplate Chicken? Don’t forget to hashtag #NeNeCheesePull when you drop by their outlets to share your experiences as well!

Many thanks to NeNe Chicken for extending the invitation!

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