(x)clusive!: TWICELAND Press Conference in Singapore – On TWICE’s Appeal, Food they Want to Try and their Happiest Moments


In town to promote their ‘TWICELAND – The Opening – in Singapore’, TWICE shared their thoughts on TWICE’s unique appeal, food that they would like to try in Singapore and their happiest moments since debut when they met the media earlier this evening.

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Entering the press conference venue with bright smiles, the non-stop shutter sound of the cameras filled the air. Looking radiant in their striking red outfits, TWICE look effortlessly gorgeous despite just standing there and posing for the media.


This being TWICE’s maiden visit to our little red dot, Nayeon shared that the group was really happy and excited to be able to finally meet their ONCEs (an affectionate term for fans of TWICE) in Singapore, who have patiently waited for them.

On what to look forward at the concert tomorrow, Jungyeon disclosed that the members had prepared special stages of different concepts to amaze their fans. As a result, to know what they had put together for Singapore ONCEs, then the only way is to attend their concert.


To TWICE, being ranked third on Forbes Korea’s Top 40 “Power Celebrities” in 2017, is an honour. Though they are undeniably exhilarated to receive this prestigious title, Dahyun mentioned that this achievement is only made possible because of their fans, be it from Singapore or any other parts of the world. So to thank their fans, moving forward, they will continue to work hard, put in more effort and put on better stages and performances.


Chaeyoung thinks that their bright personalities and high energy during their performances are TWICE’s unique appeal. In addition, every member is different in their own special way. As for Jungyeon, she feels the reason why TWICE appeals to the general audience may be due to their on-stage and off-stage persona being in sync, where the members are themselves and they do not sugar-coat their happiness despite being in front of the camera. Their honest and unpretentious personalities could possibly be the reason why their fans like them.


Curious how TWICE members cheer each other up when they are feeling TT? Sana revealed that as they have a mirror ball (something like a disco ball) in their dormitory, they will regularly sing, dance and basically have fun when a member is under the weather. On normal days, TWICE will also order supper and just chat their hearts away while eating to relief stress.


To TWICE, the song that they love performing to is ‘One in a Million’ as this song is dedicated to their fans. As such, whenever they sing it and when ONCEs sing along, the girls will feel the love from their fans and will in turn convert this support to motivation so that they will work even harder to repay them.


Singapore is known to be a food heaven and Mina said that the members tried chilli crab last night and they really enjoyed it because it was really delicious. Despite the array of food choices, what Tzuyu wanted to try the most was Hainanese Chicken Rice – and for Mina, it was Kaya Toast.


Any idea which are TWICE’s happiest moments? Jihyo shared that there were too many that it was hard for her to pick one. As TWICE travelled quite a fair bit this year, she said that meeting overseas fans make them happy. In addition, as the group had attended many award shows this year, for their achievements last year, winning “Song of the Year” with ‘Cheer Up’ was memorable for them as well. Jungyeon added that another happy moment was undeniably when their official fan club ‘ONCE’ was formed.


On what they want to say to their fans, Jihyo shared that TWICE will be travelling around the world a lot to meet overseas ONCEs so do continue to give them lots of love and support and they will comeback with a better and improved image, along with exciting stage performances.


Having a glimpse of the love TWICE have for ONCE, are you excited to meet the girls tomorrow at their ‘TWICELAND – The Opening – in Singapore’ concert? For more information, please refer here.

A big thank you to ONE Production for extending the event invite.

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