(x)clusive!: 5 Moments During Lee Dong Wook’s Fanmeet Which Left Us Breathless

Photos by: Linda

Korean actor Lee Dong Wook was in town last weekend for his first fanmeet, ‘For My Dear’, and there were undeniably many moments which left fans gasping for breath – either out of jealousy, from laughing too much or swooning till they forgot to breathe.

Let us share what we thought were the top five moments of his fanmeet and you can tell us what are yours too!

#1: The Best Alarm Clock!



A fan who had problems waking up in the morning wanted Lee Dong Wook to record a wake-up call for her. The recording ended with the actor screaming “WAKE UP!” which had the crowd doubled over in laughter. Lucky for us, he did an encore of that so now everyone in the audience can wake up to Lee Dong Wook screaming into our ears. Not really the best way to wake up, but everything Lee Dong Wook does will be forgiven, so all is good. Get your own Lee Dong Wook wake-up call here.

#2: Duet with a Fan?!

One has to agree that fans of Lee Dong Wook are talented. There were fans who submitted video re-enactments of his memorable scenes and some even drew fan arts of the charismatic actor. However, there was one special fan who wanted to sing for him! It was supposed to be her ‘punishment’ for losing a staring game but despite winning the game, of course they made her sing anyway! The best part of all was Lee Dong Wook singing along with her, which in turn became a beautiful duet. Watch the snippet here.

#3: When Oppa Suddenly Appears Next to You!



You know the moment after oppa leaves the stage for the next segment and the lights suddenly shine on the audience? He did a fake-out, pretended to leave the venue and returned to the stage after flustering the onsite staff with the stunt he pulled. Fans were scrambling to get videos of Lee Dong Wook upclose, with some even receiving a lucky handshake from the obliging actor!  Cheeky, Lee Dong Wook, cheeky, but don’t we all like this pleasant surprise? And here’s oppa running back to stage.

#4: The Awkward One-Minute Date

A lucky fan scored a ‘date’ with the actor, for her humourous re-enactment of a scene from Goblin. The one-minute date left us all laughing because the fan was so smitten she barely initiated any conversation, leaving Lee Dong Wook to fill in the silence with questions. The MC proclaimed it a ‘fail date’, but we’re pretty sure the fan feels otherwise!

#5: Oppa Sings!

The fanmeet ended with Lee Dong Wook singing his track from Bubblegum OST. While he asked fans to sing-along, everybody was evidently too intoxicated by his sweet voice, which filled the entire hall, to do anything but enjoy the moment. Who knew the actor had such a beautiful singing voice as well!


The actor also held a hi-touch session for everyone in the audience after the fanmeet, delighting fans who did not get an opportunity to get up-close and personal during the fanmeet.

It was indeed a magical night to remember for fans of Lee Dong Wook and we can’t wait for the actor to be back in Singapore again! Who’s suffering from withdrawals as well?

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