(x)clusive!: Lee Je Hoon Spends Today With Us and Tomorrow With You

Text By: Madel | Photos By: Linda

Dashing actor Lee Je Hoon was in town earlier today to promote TvN’s romance drama, ‘Tomorrow With You‘. Turning up in a smart suit, the polished actor brought much candid laughter and charmed with his gentle mannerisms, while sharing stories on filming, working with co-actress Shin Minah and thoughts on time travelling.

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Having come to our sunny island previously for a holiday, the actor expressed that he was glad to return. His favourite local delicacy remained to be our very own Chilli Crab, but that was not all that he had tried. Lee Je Hoon also mentioned that he had a taste of Chicken Rice and Laksa as well, though he confessed that he would probably need more courage to try the latter again.

On accounts of local fans loving the drama, Lee Je Hoon was grateful for the positive responses and hoped that his fans could show the same support till the end.


When touched on the topic of time travelling and foreseeing the future, Lee Je Hoon shared that while it would be useful to see how he could wind up in danger and avoid them, he would rather not know and live each day to the fullest. If he could travel in time, he would choose to return to middle school, as he held many fond memories with his friends and teachers then. Describing himself as a mischievous and playful student, he added that thankfully, those were the traits his peers and elders liked him for. Should he be given the ability to change an event in his character’s life in ‘Tomorrow With You’, he would rewind to the time where the leads met as he would want a bolder expression of his feelings, instead of the slightly awkward first impression.


Comparing the differences in difficulty between ‘Signal’ and ‘Tomorrow With You’ – with both works being produced by TvN and with similar time-travelling themes – Lee Je Hoon felt that the most difficult part in his role as detective Park Hae Young was when he had to emphasize with the victims, while for his role as Yoo So Joon, the toughest moments were expressing the grief after finding out about the death.

The actor mentioned that he actually looked up to his co-actress, Shin Minah, a lot. As they were of the same age, they got closer on set and through the interactions, he came to know that she was actually a friendly person with a wide heart, and it was really comfortable acting on set with her.


As ‘Tomorrow With You’ is a romance drama with a lot of lovey-dovey scenes, he was asked about how romantic he was in real life. To this, Lee Je Hoon admitted with mild amusement that as he stepped into the character and as filming progressed, he did not expect to find out that he could be this sweet and realized he was more romantic than he thought. As for the most romantic thing he had done, the actor shared that he once bought 100 coffee milk to confess to the girl he liked when he was twenty – and succeeded!

In the future, he wants to try taking up roles as a boxer, doctor or lawyer, and joked about a three-in-one role that possess all that he wants. On that note, he also admitted that he is pretty confident in his own physique right now. As he had never done antagonistic roles before, he commented that it should be very interesting to play a villain like a psychopath or a sociopath in the future.

Ever since he started his career as an actor, Lee Je Hoon rarely took the subway. In fact, the last time he took public transport was five to six years ago. However, he did share a few interesting episodes back in the days, as well as his habit of falling asleepcorrection, reading movie magazines in the past. While he was seldom approached by anyone on a train ride, there was once when a woman, who turned out to be an evangelist, approached him and he ran away to escape her.


As for social media, the star said that while he reads comments and feedbacks about the dramas he acted in, he is not a user of social media as he is not confident in managing them well.

With that, the press conference draws to an end and our team wishes he could be back real soon and hopefully, prepare himself for more tasty local delicacies! The next time, perhaps some Bak Chor Mee or Char Kway Teow instead?

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Many thanks to StarHub for extending the invitation.

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