(x)clusive!: Top 5 Moments of Park Bo Gum’s Singapore Fan Meeting

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Korean star Park Bo Gum made his long-awaited appearance in Singapore at his solo fan meeting ‘2016-2017 PARK BOGUM ASIA TOUR IN SINGAPORE’ last Saturday. Other than being awed by his good command of English, sweet singing voice and good-natured personality, ‘Bogummy’ fans were also treated to surprises in the forms of personal fan gifts and a special guest appearance – Bo Gum’s best buddy, top star Song Joong Ki! (x)clusive summarizes the Top 5 Moments of the fan meeting, as picked by fans on social media.

Best Moment #1: When Song Joong Ki appeared

Although there were many rumours about Song Joong Ki making a guest appearance, it was not until the man himself appeared when the fans found themselves cheering for the Descendants Of The Sun star right in front of them. Joong Ki, who was as surprised to see the huge crowd which gathered to see his close friend, exclaimed “Daebak!” Relive the moment here.


Best Moment #2: When Song Joong Ki said: “I’m his big fan too, like you.”

As a senior and close friend, Joong Ki could not hide his love for Bo Gum throughout the fan meeting. From teasing to back-hugging to singing ‘Singapura’ together, their bromance was simply one of the highlights of the show! Seeing that both of them are currently amongst the most popular actors in Korea, it was probably difficult for them to meet each other and catch up. During the talk segment, Joong Ki said in English, “I came here to Singapore because I must meet Bo Gum. I’m his big fan too, like you!” Relive the moment here.


Best Moment #3: Love In The Moonlight Favourite Scene: I am the Flower Prince

Bo Gum’s most recent drama “Love In The Moonlight” was also the highest-rated drama in its time-slot during its broadcast in Korea last year. Through his convincing portrayal of the mischievous Crown Prince, the actor also won various awards, such as the Netizen Popularity Award and the Top Excellence Award at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

Fans picked top 3 scenes from the drama, which includes the emotional scene of Byung Yeon (acted by Kwak Dong Yeon) dying, Lee Young telling Yoon Sung that Ra On was “My person,” and Lee Young confession-cum-first kiss with Ra On in the garden. (Watch the drama for free here on Viu.com!)

Love In The Moonlight Best Scene: Park Bo Gum’s pick. Image: Viu.com

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However, Bo Gum had a different favourite scene in mind. His pick was this scene where Ra On, who had no idea that Lee Young was the Crown Prince, was gossiping with Byung Yeon about the Crown Prince’s nicknames. Lee Young had confidently called himself “Pretty Flower Prince”. Bo Gum confessed that he liked how confident Lee Young was, and it was also something that he wanted to learn from his character!

Best Moment #4: Bo Gum’s amazing performances

One would not expect an actor to have the ability to sing well, but Park Bo Gum shattered such presumptions. Besides singing the well-loved OSTs such as ‘Swallowing My Heart’ and ‘My Person’ from Love In The Moonlight, as well as ‘Little Girl’ from Reply 1988, Bo Gum even serenaded the birthday song and ‘Don’t Worry’ (Reply 1988 OST) on the piano!

And just like every other country he visited for his fan meeting, Bo Gum also prepared a Singapore-special! As he sang ‘Singapura, Sunny Island’, he walked amongst the audience to say hi to all the fans in person!


Best Moment #5: Bo Gum’s heartfelt letter to fans: “You only live once.”

One good word to describe Park Bo Gum would be – sincerity. Other than preparing more personal fan gifts than any other artist who had their fan meetings in Singapore (Editor’s note: An observation made after attending years of fan meetings), Bo Gum made sure he thanked all the fans who went onstage with a handshake and a hug – even when the fans were not expecting it!

Nearing the end of the fan meeting, Bo Gum read out a handwritten letter specially written for the Singapore fans. He thanked all the fans who have been supporting him from afar, wishing everyone to always be healthy and happy by making choices “that will make every day of your life a happy one, just like I (Park Bo Gum) do.”

After reading, Bo Gum expressed wishes to gift it to an elderly lady whom he had spotted in the audience. Although he was unable to find the lady onstage, he did not give up. He finally found her amidst the 3000 over fans during the hi-touch session that was held after the fan meeting! How amazing is that for determination? A star who cares for his fans, no wonder fans love him so much! (Thumbs-up)

God bless you too, Park Bo Gum!


For the full low-down of the fan meeting and video clips, check out (x)clusive’s tweets live from the event here. For more photos of Bogummy from the press conference, check out (x)clusive’s Facebook page!

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