(x)clusive!: Yeo Jin Goo & Shim Eun Kyung share about life as a child star

They may be young, but Yeo Jin Goo and Shim Eun Kyung are certainly not fresh faces in the Korean movie industry. Attending the tvN Movies Grand Launch in Singapore, the duo shared about their ups and downs as a child star and their upcoming plans for 2017.


Yeo Jin Goo: “I never knew I would become an actor”

Revealed Yeo Jin Goo, when asked whether he dreamt of becoming one when he was young. “I was just watching dramas and movies, and thought it would be nice if I was in it.” And we think you look nice in it as well!

Starting off young could be an advantage when it comes to being in the center of the limelight, as you get used it. “When I was younger, I didn’t really care too much about it (being in the limelight); in fact I was happy that people were recognising me and they were nice to me, so I kind of enjoyed it,” revealed Yeo Jin Goo.


But that also means more people are watching you grow up, and they may find it hard to accept that the child stars are no longer ‘child’ anymore. Shim Eun Kyung shared, “Personally I feel that the transition is a very important stage so I put in a lot of effort (preparing for the transition)… To live up to expectations of the people who have been watching over me.”

Yeo Jin Goo also added, “Personally I feel that the transition is not easy, but in Korea a lot of people say that I look older than my age, so I practiced a lot with the thought that I could probably act in an older role well. But I still feel that I have not fully transited into that stage yet, so I am still working hard towards it.”


“There is probably a genre (of Korean movies) that will suit your taste”

Eun Kyung said with a smile, “I think the (Korean movie industry’s) environment is well created as there are so many Korean movies of different genres released every year.”

Jin Goo agreed, “Because of the wide variety available, you have the choice to watch a movie of a genre that you like.” Other than the wide variety, Jin Goo also mentioned that what makes Korean movies good is also the cinematic quality and and the burning passion that every single one of the cast and crew has on set.


Plans for 2017?

Yeo Jin Goo shared that he had just completed the filming for Korean historical movie “Enemy Soldier (대립군)” a few days prior to the press conference. When asked to give a score for his performance in the movie? “Since it’s before the movie’s release I will boldly give it 10 points! It’s not just for me, but for all the other cast as well who filmed it perfectly.”


2017 – The year of Shim Eun Kyung

We can definitely say that as Eun Kyung has three movies coming up this year – the first one in February, titled “Fabricated City (조작된 도시)” which also stars actor Ji Chang Wook, the second one a political movie titled “Special Citizen (특별시민)” and the third one titled “Marital Harmony (궁합)”, a Korean historical movie which also stars ‘Korea’s National Boyfriend’ Lee Seung Gi. Find out more about her movies in our in-depth interview with Shim Eun Kyung in the next article!


The duo also made a special appearance at Suntec City North Atrium for the tvN Movies Award Presentation, where they shared their experiences filming the movies Hwayi and Miss Granny respectively.

If you have not watched both movies, catch them and more on tvN Movies, the world’s FIRST & ONLY Korean blockbuster movie channel on Starhub TV Channel 818/819(HD)!

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