(x)clusive!: Five CNBLUE Songs for Valentine’s Day

CNBLUE Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you doing during this season of love? Whether you have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with or enjoying your current freedom as a single, there is definitely one CNBLUE song befitting of your predicament to accompany you today.

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Cinderella – For the ones who rush too much


The title song from their second and latest album ‘2gether’, this electro-pop number was composed and its lyrics written by vocalist and guitarist, Jung Yonghwa. Take a chill pill and enjoy being in the moment. You don’t have to be like Cinderella and rush off. The magic doesn’t have to disappear after a certain time period (like midnight for the protagonist in that popular folk tale). All you need to do is to slow down your pace and before you know it, you may get to meet your Prince Charming when you least expect it!

Love Light – For the lovebirds enjoying a sweet moment together


This relaxing little number also composed and written by Yonghwa was released on the band’s second mini-album way back in 2010. Back then, he was partnered with Seohyun from Girls’ Generation as a husband-and-wife couple on We Got Married. He thereafter confessed in an episode that he was thinking of her while writing this particular song. Needless to say, she was both impressed and touched by this gesture. Aww-worthy, right?

So for those who are finding it difficult to express how they feel to their significant other, pull a Yonghwa and let the song do the talking for you.

LOVE GIRL – For the hopeless romantics


From their first album, “FIRST STEP”,  LOVE GIRL tells of a sweet confession to a girl, professing undying and unchanging love. With lyrics such as “I’m like a fool when I see you smile”, “my heart thumps only when I see you” and “I will love you even if the whole world changes”, the most hopeless of romantics are sure to be taken by such words (no matter how cheesy they are).

Can’t Stop – For those obsessed about love


From their fifth mini-album of the same name, it marked the first time that frontman Yonghwa played the piano on most of the songs featured in the album. “Can’t Stop” starts off with a piano bit that instantly sets the romantic tone of the song, but quickly picks up with a rousing chorus of “Can’t stop me now/Can’t stop me now” that is totally easy to sing along to. The lyrics tell of someone who is totally head-over-heels in love, almost drunk on love in dopamine (the chemical in the brain linked to cravings and ecstasy). While being in love isn’t a bad thing, pull the reins on yourself before things get out of hand and you drop into the “obsessive love” category. Because when the game gets played too fast and furious, you will definitely crash and burn and scare your object of affections away.

I’m A Loner – For the lonely souls


And for those who are spending Valentine’s Day alone, there is also an aptly titled song for you too. But hey, there is nothing wrong with being single! At least you have the four talented and good-looking guys of CNBLUE to sing to you.

CNBLUE Yonghwa - Lollipop

Their debut Korean song “I’m A Loner” snatched the top spots of music charts during its release in early 2010 and even got into a little plagiarism controversy as well. While the lyrics are pretty sombre, the rocking song is still uplifting and the chorus is incredibly catchy. So why not sing along and spend your day with the music of CNBLUE? Here’s Yonghwa presenting to BOICEs some sweets, who wants one?

So which category do you belong to and which is your CNBLUE theme song this Valentine’s Day? Do share with us!

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