(x)clusive!: Four Reasons as to Why You Can’t Stop Loving CNBLUE

Text By: Germx & Madel

Having made their South-Korean debut in 2010, award-winning boy quartet CNBLUE (consisting of members Yonghwa, Jungshin, Minhyuk and Jonghyun) has since held an impressive list of credentials under their belt, with eight studio albums and a whopping 14 concert tour within the last five years. Having secured their popularity in both Korea and Japan, the boys have also won the hearts of many in the international field, and these are four reasons why we ‘Can’t Stop’ loving CNBLUE!

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Musicians at Heart

CNBLUE Stage 2

As one of the few pop bands in the Korean-Pop industry (along with labelmates FT Island and N.Flying), CNBLUE showed their musicality by playing their own instruments live, as well as composing and writing their own songs to let their unique color shine. Never one to be limited by a fixed style of music, the band has explored different genres such as electronic music, disco funk and mainstream pop, mix and matching the many pieces into a CNBLUE sound, where each new release aimed to surpass the last; their willingness to experiment paid off, even winning the ‘Best Band Performance’ from the Mnet Asian Music Awards twice in a row.

From performing on the streets to major gayo stages, CNBLUE’s live-performing experiences paved way to their success, allowing them to reach out to their audiences with what they do best – music.

Individual Marks in Varying Fields

JungYongHwa in Singapore

The quartet didn’t just left a mark in the music field, with each member eventually venturing out into new fields over the last few years. Leader Yonghwa, for example, made a strong impression not only as an actor but also for his quick wits in many variety programmes, such as the heartwarming, playful husband with SNSD member Seohyun in ‘We Got Married’, to being a popular recurring guests in ‘Running Man’. He later went on to release a successful solo album ‘One Fine Day’, accompanied by an Asia tour to promote said album.

The other members too tried on different roles in the industry; bassist Jungshin went on to be an MC on SBS Plus’s Fashion King: Secret Box as well as Mnet’s weekly music chart show, M!Countdown. Minhyuk has steadily gained a footing in the acting industry since his acting debut in film ‘Acoustic’ back in 2010. Last but not least, Jonghyun has also tried his hands out in many fields, but most notably proven his talents in songwriting, contributing to CNBLUE’s impressive discography for both Korean and Japanese releases.

As Drama-dols

CNBLUE is probably one boy band with all their members having their own hand in acting and our team got to admit that some roles are indeed pretty memorable. And here are some of our favourites:

Minhyuk as Yoon Chan Young (The Heirs)

Minhyuk Acting

Though not the lead actor in The Heirs, Minhyuk’s portrayal of Yoon Chan Young definitely caught the eyes of many, with his adorable banter alongside Lee Bona (acted by f(x)’s Krystal). It is like perfect boyfriend material!

Yonghwa as Kang Shin Woo (You’re Beautiful)

Yonghwa Acting

Though this role as Kang Shin Woo was Yonghwa’s acting debut, it is hard not to fall prey to the second-male lead syndrome. I guess it’s hard to resist when his role is likened to a prince charming.

Jonghyun as Collin Black (A Gentleman’s Dignity)

Jonghyun Acting

His role created a stir in the story-line with thickens the plot is quite a few aspects. The hinted blooming romance and the confusion when searching for his biological father make this role a rather important and definitely interesting one.

Jungshin as Shi-woo (The Blade and Petal)

Jungshin Acting

Need we say more? This role totally suits Jungshin. Just think of a master swordsman/bodyguard who is cold to others except the one he loves. Plus points for Jungshin in the period get-up.

Tell us which are your favourites as well.

Dorks on Social Networking Sites

CNB Instagram

BOICEs should have noticed by now how active the boys are on Twitter and on Instagram. It is really cute how they let fans get a glimpse of their daily lives, often lives behind the scenes. We totally adore how they share their travelogue via Instagram and how they take pictures of food, just like any of us. Such attempts no doubt make fans feel like they are closer to the boys since these are what we post on our Social Networking Sites as well.

Have you followed them on their personal SNS? If you have not, you should definitely start now and cry over their adorkable personalities with us.

Jung Yong Hwa (Twitter/Instagram), Lee Jong Hyun (Twitter/Instagram), Lee Jung Shin (Twitter/Instagram) and Kang Min Hyuk (Twitter/Instagram).

CNBLUE will be heading to Singapore for their CNBLUE ‘Come Together’ Live Concert in Singapore 2016 this February. For more details with regards to this concert, please refer HERE. Do grab your tickets before all is gone as this is definitely one concert you definitely do not want to miss.

This concert is brought to you by One Production and organized by FNC Entertainment.

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