(x)clusive!: EXO and EXO-Ls Are One at EXO’luXion in Singapore

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Earlier this month, popular boy band EXO (consisting of Suho, Xiumin, D.O., Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay, Kai and Sehun) returned to Singapore for a 2-day concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as part of their ‘EXO’luXion’ tour. The boys performed a range of hit tracks and new songs for their fans, not forgetting to add a good dash of fanservice much to EXO-L’s delight. 2016 marks the 4th year since the band’s debut in 2012, and the concert proved their evolution of skills as a performer – check out our top 9 highlights (not in any order) to takeaway from the concert!

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#1 – Chanyeol On The Decks

Get high with the crazy medley of ‘Machine‘, ‘Drop That‘ and  ‘Let Out The Beast‘, as the floor gets transformed into a club with the remix, and Chanyeol was seen working the decks on the elevated stage in between. The prelude to this also features Xiumin and Chanyeol leading the crowd in a chant “I Say EX- you say -O”, ending with Xiumin’s scream-worthy hip thrusts.

#2 – It’s Never Too Late For Christmas Spirit

exoluxion in singapore 04

As the new year rolled around and the holly jolly mood of Christmas faded away, EXO re-opened the box of surprises with ‘The First Snow‘ and ‘Miracles of December’; we might not have a White Christmas, but we would celebrate Christmas with EXO anytime, even if it’s in the middle of a humid January. After all, who could say no when leader Suho said they wanted to spend Christmas with us Singapore fans last year, “but since we couldn’t do it, today we will celebrate it!”.

#3 – Brand New Tracks

EXO did not forget to add the new releases into their performing list, treating fans to a beautiful live of ‘Sing For You‘ , where the fans turned into one silver ocean as they sang along in unison. Cute, flirty track ‘Unfair‘ was also sung, stealing the hearts of the EXO-Ls present.

#4 – Fanservices…Many Fanservices

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Let’s face it, we all have some of our favourite ships, and the boys were not at all stingy in showing some skinship with fellow members, all for some fun and fanservice. We see some up-close naughty hands during sexy number ‘Playboy‘, as well as a light-hearted shipping moment when EXO-elf Sehun pulled two members in an attempt to see how close he could get before one shy away. Day 1’s special pairing featured D.O. and Kai, where the latter pluckered up his lips much to an embarrassed, shrinking D.O.

Fun track ‘Lucky‘ also featured an on-stage changing scene, where the boys’ silouhettes could be seen behind a white paper-curtain. It was a moment that had us clutching onto our reddened faces, before laughing as the boys took turns to pop up their heads from behind the curtains. Lucky (or not, as some of you might say) this time, the curtains stayed firmly on before they burst out from behind.

#5 – EXO-Elves Gracing The Stage

With 9 elves in matching outfits and pointy shoes, it’s difficult not to squeal at the sight of them roaming the stage, bringing with them bouts of joyous shouts and cheers. It was as if they’ve drawn us into a fantasy world when they performed to ‘XOXO‘ and ‘Peter Pan‘, and definitely a personal favourite of the whole show because you just feel like hiding them in your pockets and kidnapping them home!

#6 – Never Stop The Classics

exoluxion in singapore 08

In the two-hour long concert, the boy band also performed to a couple of their classic hits, including ‘History‘, ‘Growl‘, ‘Overdose’ and ‘Love Me Right‘. The fanchants reached a new high whenever these songs were performed, and we were almost sure that EXO-Ls are going to tear the Singapore Indoor Stadium down with their passionate cheers!

#7 – Touching Ballad Stages

exoluxion in singapore 03

While EXO might have been more of a performing group than one known for their vocals, the vocal line proved that they have more than what it takes to belt a high note; using live vocals to tug at our heatstrings with songs such as ‘Baby Don’t Cry‘, ‘My Answer‘ and ‘Sing For You‘. Kai and Sehun’s water stage for ‘Baby Don’t Cry‘ fitted well with the instrumentals, painting a beautiful performance that no doubt left a memorable impression to the audience.

#8 – VCRs = Very Crazy Reactions

That sounded a little extreme, but the passion from EXO-Ls was felt throughout the concert. Right off from the intro VCR, to the cute EXO-elves VCR, to the mini documentary-style VCR, we hear screams, more screams, and much crying coming from the fans around us. Nonetheless, we could understand – who wouldn’t go crazy over the amount of cute, sweet and touching moments showcased on the screen? If anything, it only served to show how tight the bonds are between the fans and the artiste.

#9 – The Ment Section

exoluxion in singapore 01

In between their stages, the members gathered to greet their fans and made sure to send some love out to their supporters. With a variety of topics covered, ranging from what should they eat besides Chili Crab, to feeling the heat of our sunny island, the boys also left touching quotes, such as Lay’s mention of wanting to be EXO-Ls’ kites who soar in the air because of the pull by the fans.

There were also funny comments like Suho’s random answer of deterioting English level because he’s been in Korea far too long, before the members pointed out that he’s never been out of Korea for too long in the first place.  We were sure that there were some screams when Sehun called himself a beautiful angel, as well as a heard a few sobbing when the members state that they had a great time and would love to return soon.

Of course, we cannot forget the announcement that they will be releasing something new this year as well, so EXO-Ls can definitely look forward to it in coming months, and perhaps after that, we could see them in Singapore for their next tour to come. With the concert officially coming to an end, leader Suho led the crowd with one final chant to close the chapter till the next one begins, pulling the 4-year bond into three keywords: WE ARE ONE!

A big thank you to AC Music Entertainment for extending the event invite. Our team definitely enjoyed this concert a lot.

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