(x)clusive!: Healing Time With BTOB In Singapore


In conjunction with the SGKstar  2015 Festival, BTOB kicked off a slew of K-pop idol fan meetings starting from 4th December 2015. Three years after their last appearance at the Sundown Festival in 2012, the 7-member group returned to meet Singaporean Melodies with their BTOB ‘I Mean’ Fan Meeting in Singapore 2015 .

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They started off with “WOW“, which had the fans chanting along excitedly with every ‘wow’ in the song. Then, the members greeted everyone in attendance where leader Eunkwang shared that he was so excited about coming back in Singapore that he couldn’t even sleep a wink! (But he was actually sleeping like a baby on the plane, according to the other members.)


Known as ‘healing idols’ (idols that make you smile just by looking at them) in the K-Pop realm, BTOB really provided some much-needed ‘healing’ time with their uplifting songs “It’s Okay”, “Way Back Home” and “2nd Confession”. While singing along to “Like A Crystal”, they also handed out roses and teddy bears to fans! Were you one of the lucky Melodies who went home with something from the members?

eunkwang-baby-sgxclusiveNot only that, they also happily fulfilled the wishes of several lucky fans on stage, most of which involved a lot ‘skinship’ fanservice. (We want those selcas and hugs from them too!) The members also engaged in a battle for the best expressions, which of course BTOB’s resident funnyman Eunkwang earned the most laughs.


Not just known for their calming, melodic songs, the talented septet also blew everyone away with their uptempo numbers “Insane”, “Thriller” and “Beep Beep”. But all too soon, BTOB’s healing time had to end, with the members expressing their heartfelt thanks to everyone and made promises to return.

Minhyuk even made everyone pinky-promise not to cheat on them when they are back in Korea. Hyunsik and Peniel gave their thanks in Mandarin and English respectively, which of course earned lots of cheers and screams from the audience.

So Melodies, let’s wait for the healing-dols to return to Singapore, shall we?

BTOB Group Photo sgXLCUSIVEPssst~ (x)clusive managed to catch up with BTOB for a short Q&A session as well during their trip, so check out what they had to say in this video!

Who’s missing the cute boys of BTOB already cause we sure are!



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