(x)clusive!: Three Reasons To Go Insane Over BTOB

crazybtob1Since making their much-anticipated debut in March 2012, this seven-member group from Cube Entertainment has played around with different concepts and music genres. Their group name BTOB (in short for “born to beat”) means two things – to make music and to conquer the music industry. If you haven’t already been swept up into the Melody fandom (the name of their fanclub), here are a few reasons why you should!


1. They’re Totally Insane

From their various accounts on Twitter, Weibo and Instagram, to the videos that they release regularly on their fan café (Sik’s Sense, Seob’s Sense) and through the V app, these seven boys never fail to let their crazy sides show. Especially Changsub, the one who always pulls all the ugliest faces. It is almost a prerequisite for a photo or video of Changsub’s wacky expressions to show up on any BTOB newsfeed after every event.


Even the ever popular maknae Sungjae has not shied away from unleashing his madcap antics, it is no wonder Changsub and him are thick as thieves when it comes to mischief-making.


12122641_906039332810237_4608126753797396291_nAnd we haven’t even gotten to the leader Eunkwang, who has been deemed to be funny enough to be a regular on SNL (Saturday Night Live) Korea! As the group’s leader, main vocalist, musical actor, comedian and father of the group, this talented entertainer wears many hats. Because of his easy-going nature, he is often easily made the butt of jokes by the other younger members. But he takes it all in stride and always remembers to laugh at himself too.

As their song, ‘Insane’ goes, they will make you go insane and give you lots of pain… From laughing too much.

 2. The Music

They’re not known as the healing idols for nothing! Note: healing idols or healing-dols (힐링돌) refers to idols that make you happy just by looking at them. Since releasing their first studio album “Complete” with the mid-tempo title song “It’s Okay” this summer 2015, they have been receiving attention for their soothing vocals and their song’s uplifting lyrics. And after releasing their 7th mini-album “I MEAN” with the title song “Way Back Home”, BTOB got the attention that they rightfully deserved by winning first place on the music show MBC Show Champion.


3. Their Songs Make Awesome (and Cheesy) Pick-up Lines

Don’t believe it? Check them out for yourself:

  • I know nothing but love (Lover Boy / 사랑밖에 난 몰라)
  • You’re so fly (넌 감동이야)
  • Other than me, all the other guys are wolves (나 빼고 다 늑대)
  • Our summer romance is perfect (Summer Romance)
  • I stole your lips (그 입술을 뺏었어)
  • Father, Monday to Sunday I miss him. (아버지, Monday To Sunday, 보고파)

What are some the reasons why YOU go crazy over BTOB?

BTOB will be holding their fanmeet in Singapore this evening. If you are seeking for  night of fun, this is one fanmeet you definitely want to be part of. More information of the fanmeet can be found HERE.

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